Date Bra?! Date Panties?! Yeah, I have something to say about that…

This summer I was walking by Victoria’s Secret and saw this…and it’s been on my mind ever since.



My jaw immediately hit the floor.  Seriously?!  The DATE BRA Collection?!  And if that’s not enough, they also offer Date Panties.




Now let’s back this up a bit.  It’s their Pink line…umm, hello…geared at teens.  And yes, Victoria’s Secret just.went.there.

This just infuriates me.  Because I was once a teen…and I remember all the stress and nerves that went along with dating, and now Victoria’s Secret just validated this false expectation?!  It’s like they are screaming, “Hey girls, make sure you have your date bra and date panties on for when you get to that part of the date!”

And with that, I think I just threw up in my mouth

because I KNOW BETTER.


To all my teen girls out there reading this,

Know this: There are no “expectations” like this on a date. 

YOU are in control of your body and no one needs to GO THERE.  Your body is YOUR sacred temple.

I can also promise you this is not what dating is supposed to be about.  And if you feel it’s the “expectation” with the one you are dating, RUN.  Run far in the other direction because he obviously doesn’t value YOU.

If he cares enough about you and truly loves you, HE WILL WAIT.

Read that again and really take it in…if he really loves you, he will wait.  And if he doesn’t, let’s just call it what it is…he’s a punk-ass guy with one thing on his mind and your well-being isn’t it.  So guess what, he isn’t worth it.

So no girls, this is NOT what’s expected when you go out on a date.  Very disappointing, Victoria’s Secret…very disappointing.

I’ve Got Your Back,

Your Big Sister Michelle

Nerd Girl Goes to Dartmouth

If this is what being a nerd girl looks like, I want to be one!

Meet Kendall.  And get ready to be inspired.

Kendall is the brain power and creator of Nerd Girl Homes!  Kendall dreams big and is not afraid of failure…for real!  When I asked her what she would do in life if she knew she couldn’t fail, her answer was, “Failure doesn’t scare me. I try all kinds of stuff!”  Let this be a lesson to us all…

Because let’s face it, when you aren’t afraid of failing,

that is when the magic happens in life. 

And if Kendall were afraid of failing, she never would have built a home!  After seeing so many homeless individuals on her drive to school, she wanted to learn how to build a home because she knew it was a skill-set she would always have and she could help others in the process!  Kendall wanted to do everything on her own–from installing the roof to the electrical.  And when she was done, she would donate the home to charity or donate it to a deserving individual.  And just like that, this engineering mastermind went to work on her audacious goal!

(Photo from Kendall’s Flickr stream)

Like I said, SHE built the house!!  Kendall is the epitome of believing in yourself and going out into the world and doing what you want!  For all of you TED-x fans out there, you may have even seen her TED-xTeen talk…if not, check this out!

“I would rather learn to use a blow torch than play with dolls!”

-Kendall Ronzano



Kendall, I’m so proud of you!  You are such an inspiration…to not only your peers, but to ME!  I’d love for everyone to join me in wishing Kendall an amazing first month at Dartmouth College!!!  An amazing school for an amazing girl.  I am so excited for you Kendall, and I will be thinking of you as you begin this new adventure in life.  I can’t wait to hear all about your Dartmouth experiences!

This smart girl plans on double majoring in Computer Science and Engineering (and in my opinion, Dartmouth should waive at least a few pre-req classes for you because of your Nerd Girl Homes project)!  And the icing on top?!  She flew back to New Hampshire this summer to try out for the volleyball team, and you are now looking at a member of the 2013-2014 Dartmouth Volleyball team!  CONGRATULATIONS KENDALL!  You’ve got this! xo

NEVER lose your fearlessness,

What I’ve Learned in Italy My First Week.

So I’ve now been in Italy for my full first week…actually, this Sunday, I hit the two week mark!  My brain is on overload and stimulation overdrive ALL.THE.TIME.  But it’s awesome!!!  I love taking in all this new knowledge and learning about my new “home”.  So I thought I’d compile a list of some fun facts for you…Check this out:

Fun Facts I’ve Learned During My First Week in Italy:

  1. Wine costs the same as a bottle of water.  No joke.
  2. Italians don’t wear flip flops.  You can spot an American immediately!  They wear sandals! 😉  Flip flops are for the beach.
  3. Sprite does not taste like Sprite here.  And my daughter says Fanta doesn’t taste like Fanta either!
  4. We have the most GORGEOUS puffy clouds…EVERY DAY.  They build up against the mountains…just one upside to living near the alps.  (Proof: Photo above!  This is the Villa Valmarana.)
  5. School bus drivers wear dress shirts and ties…and the school buses, well, they are rock star tour buses.  Serious!  We are talking air conditioning, fabric upholstered seats, and pull down trays!
  6. I am now fully prepared when I walk in a public bathroom to possibly see a hole in the ground I’m expected to pee in.
  7. They sell mini-pizzas at McDonalds.
  8. Monday Night Football is “Tuesday Morning Football” to us…that’s what a 9 hour difference does!
  9. All of you walking around with a Starbucks drink look like you are walking around with a Big Gulp!  Italians don’t do coffee the same way.  They come in very small sizes…and only cost 1-1.50 Euro.
  10. I saved the best for last…I hate to break it to you, but you all are being ripped off with your cell phone providers!  My husband and I set up our cell service and have virtually the same plan and paid up front for 6 months…and it cost LESS than a one month bill for us in the States.

Stay Fearless,

Ashton Kutcher Thinks You Are the sexiest thing in the entire world.

Bible.  I have proof!

To all my smart girls…Your day just got a little brighter.  Take the 2 minutes to watch this…and then fall in love all over again with Ashton Kutcher!

“The sexiest thing in the entire world is being REALLY smart.  And being thoughtful and being generous.  Everything else is CRAP. I promise you.  It’s just crap that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less.  So don’t buy it.  Be smart.  Be thoughtful.  And be generous.”

-Ashton Kutcher AKA Chris 😉

Never EVER stop embracing your brains and beauty.  Here’s a little something I challenge you to share with all of your friends…great advice!


Stay Fearless,

Brooke, PGHS!

Meet Brooke.  This girl is just straight up adorable.  She is the kinda girl you feel like you’ve known forever when you meet.  Brooke is pretty passionate about singing…however, I couldn’t get her to sing despite my begging!   I was hoping she would bust out some Houstatlantavegas!  (Check out her bracelet…she’s a Drake fan!)  But she just giggled…adorably, when I asked!

She has plans to be a teacher.  And for the record, I think you will be the coolest elementary school teacher EVER.  I would want you for a teacher!  You are a fun girl…the kids will eat that up!

If she had one superpower, it would be to fly so she could travel the world…a girl after my own heart!  Heck, you can get on a plane and visit me in Italy any time!

I hope you’re enjoying an amazing summer in D.C.!  Explore your little heart out before coming back to PG!  And enjoy EVERY minute of college in the fall…IT’S.THE.BEST!  And don’t sweat the student teaching…the little munchkins will think you are the cheese to their mac! 😉


Stay Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N