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{My One Front Tooth}

It happened…my Little Miss Sunshine lost her front tooth.  I told her we had to do some pictures so we always remember her missing her front tooth.  So yesterday morning, I told her we should really try to get some pictures in the evening.  Well after a full day of Costco and Target (that is […]

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{Drool on the Keyboard} Fashion Friday JoyFolie | ModCloth

Within the last 24 hours, I think I have drooled on my keyboard TWICE, yes…TWICE!  I have found two new sites that have just made my head spin with some serious fashion!  And I even caught myself asking at one point, “where have I been?!  This stuff is amazing!” Instantly, I thought of all of […]

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{Be Blessed}

I found this on a friend’s family blog, and I fell in love with it.  I googled all last night trying to find the original source, but that was a big FAIL. I couldn’t find it.  But I would *LOVE* to have a copy of this hanging somewhere in my house…if anything, just to remind […]

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{D.I.Y} Personal Projects

You would be so proud of me…I kicked off this year with a BANG by tackling two DIY projects at one time!  My cousin was up visiting for the New Year, so we ventured out to a thrift store in town for some fun, which ended up having a lot of cool stuff.  Trust me, […]

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{Going to be a Star…} Head shot Photographer

I did some head shots for the lovely Sabrina this past year.  She plans to dip her feet in the industry so she needed some head shots to get her started.  I’m by far not an expert on getting into the entertainment industry; however, my clients have kindly educated me on a few things over the […]

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