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[This is Not Real…]

(Photo from PetaPixel) Actually, it makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach to even look at this image.  This was an ad for Ralph Lauren that took quite a bit of heat back in 2009.  I want to show you this image to educate you girls on the power of Photoshop.  This image […]

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[Be an “IT” Girl] High School Seniors Representative

DRUMROLL, please……………… I’m SUPER excited to announce my Senior Representative program…and since I don’t like that term (because honestly, it sounds way too boring for the fun I have with my Seniors), I will be using the term “IT” Girl.  Oh yes girls, embrace it…because I know each of us has an “IT” Girl deep […]

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[Don’t Believe the Hype]

Hey there! I’m super excited to announce a new category of my blog.  Since making the grand announcement that I will only be photographing High School Senior girls from now on, I want to focus my efforts on encouraging them to love their own version of beautiful.  I want to expose to ALL the ladies […]

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M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N