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Tips on Surviving Final Exams…and Keeping Your Sanity.

In honor of my interns going into finals, I thought I’d offer my words of advice. And I know all you smart girls out there could use some tips on surviving the stress!   So here we go, ready?! 1.  Find the perfect study partner. When choosing a study partner, keep in mind… You don’t […]

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My Favorite Things:: 2012 Teen Edition

If you’ve followed my blog over the years, you know I love doing My Favorite Things each year!  I believe each girl has stuff they drool over…you know, that pair of boots that make your heart skip a beat.  Or that necklace that wants a home on YOUR NECK! This year, I’m doing the Favorite […]

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I LOVE ME Campaign:: CHS and PGHS Cheer

Last weekend was a BIG football weekend for the Monterey Peninsula! It was the annual Shoe Game…Pacific Grove HS vs Carmel HS.  I was so excited when the Carmel cheer coach contacted me the week of the game with a brilliant idea…let’s bring the I LOVE ME campaign to the Shoe Game! So both cheer […]

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Get Out There and DO Something!

So I was on a walk this morning, and I felt an amazing sense of gratefulness.  Here I am…little me, walking just two blocks down to the water from my home (because let’s face it, most of PG is just 2 blocks from the water), and I get to walk the coastline with the seals […]

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