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What Would You Do?

You may have seen this video on my Facebook page this past Friday.  I thought it was the perfect video for all of you girls out there asking that burning question as you’re about to enter college, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” It’s true…if money were no object, what would […]

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Makeup Alert

Well, hello ladies! It’s your resource for all things girlie!  I recently tried a new foundation and loved it enough to share with you!!  Fun, right?!  You know I fell in love with the Dior Airflash and blogged about it in the past.  However, the price tag on the Airflash is a hefty one.  Not […]

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Dolphin Tattoos…Belly Button Rings…and Some Years of Maturity.

Ah yes…the dolphin tattoo.  The dolphin tattoo was all the rage…yep, right smack dab on the ankle.  Maybe it’s because I grew up as a California girl, but I swear they were EVERYWHERE.  You’re probably saying, “A dolphin tattoo?!  Why would you do that?!”  And to answer your question, this is where I’d ask high […]

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You Are Beautiful.

To all my I LOVE ME Campaign girls, What have you done with the stickers from your goodie bags?! Here is a fun fact for you…these stickers have a story! The YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL stickers come from the You-Are-Beautiful organization. You can go onto their website and upload a photo of where you have posted […]

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