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What I’ve Learned in Italy My First Week.

So I’ve now been in Italy for my full first week…actually, this Sunday, I hit the two week mark!  My brain is on overload and stimulation overdrive ALL.THE.TIME.  But it’s awesome!!!  I love taking in all this new knowledge and learning about my new “home”.  So I thought I’d compile a list of some fun […]

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Brooke, PGHS!

Meet Brooke.  This girl is just straight up adorable.  She is the kinda girl you feel like you’ve known forever when you meet.  Brooke is pretty passionate about singing…however, I couldn’t get her to sing despite my begging!   I was hoping she would bust out some Houstatlantavegas!  (Check out her bracelet…she’s a Drake fan!)  […]

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M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N