[3 Things You Can Do For Your Skin] Teen Advice

Oh girls…I know that exact feeling.  You wake up in the morning and see yourself in the mirror and instantly want to scream.  Why did Mount St. Helens decide to make an appearance on YOUR face THIS morning?!  WHY?!  You look in the mirror and feel there are 3 blinking neon signs pointing down to that one spot on your chin screaming “BREAKOUT…ZIT…GROSS”.  It totally stinks.  This I know.  I am no stranger to this feeling.  Heck, I still wake up with these moments.  And it always has horrible timing; well, when are breakouts EVER welcome, right?!  Believe it or not, it is usually more noticeable to you than your friends…but I’m not going to candy coat it any more than that because bottom line, WHO WANTS A NEON SIGN POINTING AT THEIR ZIT?!

To be honest, I was a fairly lucky girl in high school and had the occasional outbreaks, but nothing bad.  Then it caught up with me when I got older.  A couple years ago I finally went to the doctor and said, “Look.  I’m breaking out more now than when I was 16.  What is up?!  I shouldn’t have to go through this!  I don’t even want to see anyone with the way my chin looks!”  I should have made an appointment A LOT sooner.  I had tried every over the counter product you could imagine, and it JUST.DIDN’T.CUT.IT.  So the doctor referred me to a dermatologist that started me on a prescription regime.  THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS!  It actually helped!  First piece of advice, if you suffer from acne, go to your parents and tell them you are done dealing with it and want a doctor’s appointment to see if there is anything that can be done.  I’m so grateful I went and wish I had not waited as long.  There are solutions out there because no one should have to go through that.

On my quest to beautiful skin, I’ve learned three important things that everyone should do.  These three tips will help you girls out, and they are really simple.   Your skin is your largest organ (yes, there is my fact to help you with your SAT prep), so we should really do our best to take care of it.


Tip #1:  Drink Water…seriously.

It sounds so basic.  And yes it is.  But it has so many benefits.  Most of us don’t drink enough water every day; we are supposed to have 6-8 glasses a day.  Let me guess, you’re lucky if you have two?!  Okay…one?!  But if we did drink those 6-8 glasses a day, our skin would thank us.  It helps flush the toxins out and makes our skin more fresh and alive!  Have you ever had your lips peeling or a bit cracky…yep, more water.  That’s it!  Not more ChapStick…more water!  Your skin will be more radiant and not as dry.  And your skin won’t be the only thing to benefit…you will physically feel better and chances are, stay healthier.  Drinking water will help clear your skin and give you a healthy glow…what a simple solution!


Tip #2:  Use Sunscreen.

My guess is, your mom may have already told you this one.  I get it…you want that awesome glowy skin (go drink water and it will be more glowy).  But the damage that the sun causes on your skin now will wreak havoc on your skin later on.  First off, you have the potential of skin cancer.  And no, you are never too young to start protecting your skin.  And skin cancer is never cool unless you don’t mind a doctor scalpeling a chunk of your nose out because you thought you didn’t “need” sunscreen.  Trust me, you need it!  Secondly, I know you aren’t thinking about when you will be 30 years old right now…but once you hit 30, you can tell the girls who wore sunscreen or not!  If you haven’t, your skin will just look older, more leathered, it will have sun spots all over, and you will be looking like you are pushing 40 instead of 31.  If you wore sunscreen…people will not believe it when you tell them you are 30 because they will think you are still 23!  For real.  Use the sunscreen girls!  There are sunscreens made just for your face!!  Make sure you choose a sunblock that is non-comedogenic…this means it “won’t clog pores.”  The one I use?!  Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock…and you might even think I’m in my twenties (hahaha…insert my evil laugh)!


And if you still want that glowy look, there are a ton of tinted moisturizers out there that can provide a sunkissed look to your skin…without the damaging rays!  Or give mineral makeup a try.  But DON’T forget the sunscreen, even on an overcast day!


Tip #3: Exfoliate.

Basically, exfoliate is a fancy word for “let’s take the dead skin cells that sit on the top of our skin off.”  Automatically, your skin will look healthier.  Exfoliation also helps minimize pores so they don’t look so big.  AND it will help minimize those blackheads.  My favorite way to exfoliate is by using my Clarisonic.  Girls, wish one of these fancy things for Christmas or a birthday…whatever!  It will be worth it.  I didn’t know how much mine helped until I went in for a recent facial and my esthetician said, “Have you been exfoliating?!”  It was one of those moments like when you are at the dentist and they ask if you’ve been flossing.  I hesitantly said, “Well, I have to be honest, I’ve become lazy and stopped using my Clairsonic…maybe that is it?!”  And she said, “Oh yes honey…that is one of the best things you can use for your skin.”  So there we have it…it actually really DOES work.  And LAZY DOESN’T GIVE US GORGEOUS SKIN GIRLS!!  So don’t get lazy…there is your lesson learned through me!
But you don’t NEED a Clarisonic to do the exfoliating trick.  Try out the St. Ives Apricot Scrub.  People RAVE about this product.  I remember using it when I was in High School.  It’s a classic that exfoliates the skin and helps clean those pores and limit breakouts.  When you don’t remove the dead skin off the top of your face, dirt likes to get trapped underneath and then causes those nasty noticeable poors…or blackheads that are compacted on your skin.  Just don’t rub the exfoliant into your skin hard!  The goal is not to rub sandpaper on your skin…just gently massage it into your face and rinse it off.  It will feel like your skin took a big deep breath when you rinse it off! 😉

Believe it or not, there are also simple homemade exfoliants.  Simply mix a little sugar and honey and rub it gently over your face and remove it with a warm washcloth.  Or try oatmeal and honey…perfect for sensitive skin!  Just watch the eyes…oh yes…please avoid the eyes!

I hope you enjoyed these few little beauty tips…now seriously, go grab that glass of water and drink up!





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