90 Second Makeup

Let’s face it…you want to sleep in as much as you can before going to school!  Yet, it never hurts us to spend a couple extra minutes in front of the mirror to make sure we put our best face forward while walking the halls of school.  Well, this is me…coming to your rescue!  This tip will allow you to sleep in AND have a glowing face before your first class!

Let me introduce to you my secret weapons to create a 90-second face!

3 products, and you are out the door.  I dare you to time yourself…I don’t even think it takes a full 90 seconds!

The first thing we are going to do is apply foundation.  Now don’t get all weird about foundation…it doesn’t have to be heavy.  My favorite one is by Benefit.  The reason I love the Benefit Flawless is because it simply evens out the tones in your skin without looking heavy.  It leaves your face glowing and looking flawless…you will look like you got an extra 3 hours of sleep even if you WERE up until midnight working on that project!

Remember…foundation is not meant to mask you!!

When you are wearing the right shade, no one should even be able to tell you are wearing foundation!

My second secret weapon we are going to use is mascara.  Let’s face it, it makes your eyes look bigger and more alert.  And it lengthens them for when you need to bat those eyelashes when asking your parents to stay out a bit later on Friday night!  My favorite is L’oreal Voluminous Naturale.  It’s been my favorite for years…I try others and always come back to the L’oreal Voluminous brand!  However, I specifically love the “naturale” one because it is that…more natural.  I’m not a fan of overdone eyes with clumpy mascara…that’s so 1985.

The goal is to not be obvious with your makeup!

The finishing touch on the 90-second face is lip gloss!  Just something that looks natural and adds a bit of color to those puckers!  I am not married to any brand.  Just a regular lip gloss from the drug store will do the trick; you don’t need anything fancy.  A tiny splash of natural color is all we’re looking for!  The great thing about lip gloss is the fact that even the darker colored ones (like the photo above) go on looking really natural.  If you have a favorite gloss you swear by, let me know…I’d love to try it out.

And there you have it, the 90-second face!  I dare you to try it–You get to sleep in AND look amazing for school, SWEET!

Stay Fearless,



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