{“A” Does Not Stand For “Awesome”}

First off, you are not alone.  You purchased a $800 DSLR camera and then kept it on Auto because you have no idea what to do with your camera.  If you did this, I’ll be honest, you should just pack it back up in the box and return it for a point and shoot.  Honestly…  And contrary to popular belief, good cameras DON’T necessarily take good pictures (can I get an “Amen” from the photographers out there?!).  You can have a GREAT camera and take a horrible picture.  This is sort of the unspoken “nails on the chalkboard” in the photography industry when one hears, “Wow, you take great pictures!  You must have a great camera.”  Making a great image is all in how YOU control your camera.  YOU.  Not the camera picking the settings…you need to know how to pick the perfect settings for the given situation.  You need to out-think the camera…yes, it is possible to out-think technology!

My whole world opened up when I started shooting in manual mode.  And that is what I want to do for you!  Yes, we are taking the camera OFF of Auto mode and switching it to that scary “M” on the camera.  You know, the one you switch it to and then freak out because you don’t know what your camera is doing?!?!  The concept is easier than you think, but it does take practice.  And that is exactly what we will do together.  We will learn about all the factors that go into properly exposing an image and then we will practice together…and then you will go home and practice, practice, practice.  I want you all to learn your camera to its full potential.  I want you to feel a sense of pride capturing your own children in their day-to-day activities with your camera!

So here is the 411 on the “Get Me to Manual” Class:

  • Friday, April 15th from 9am-12:30pm at the Sandy Basin Annex | Fort Irwin, CA
  • Light snacks provided
  • Includes a textbook, notes, and a little SWAG (who doesn’t want a SWAG bag like the celebrities?!)
  • Class size limit…so register now.
  • $150

I can’t wait to have that “Ah-Ha” moment together.  You WILL have it!  And you will be so proud to finally understand the mystery of the “M”!

Go to this link to register! I can’t wait to have a fun morning together!


M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N