{All Aboard…} Polar Express Train Ride | Williams, AZ

Last year on Christmas Eve I saw something on TV about the Polar Express train ride out of Williams, AZ.  I knew instantly that we *HAD* to do it.  I have a huge warm spot in my heart for children’s literature, and I must admit that the Polar Express is one of my favorite books…and knowing there was a chance for me my kids to live out that dream, well, we just had to book tickets!  So I’ve had these tickets in my hand for the past year, and little did we know how much fun we’d have.

We all ate chocolate chip cookies (compliments of Mrs. Claus) and drank hot chocolate while we took our train ride to the North Pole.  We even went through a warp-speed tunnel that projected us to the North Pole even faster!  While we ate our cookies on our way to the North Pole, they also walked up and down the aisles with the Polar Express book and read it to all the passengers.  And before you knew it, we saw the lights of the North Pole.  When we arrived, Santa was on his sleigh waving to all the passengers, and an elf was hanging on to the back of the sleigh, goofing off in his usual form.  All the lights of the North Pole were amazing.  And as the train reversed to head back to AZ, Santa was nowhere to be found!  He jumped on the train and went car-to-car greeting all the passengers and handing out sleigh bells to all the children.  Santa took one look at our girls and said, “Little Darlin’s”.  He then looked at Little Miss Sunshine and proceeded with, “There is one thing I can’t bring you this Christmas and that is a front tooth.  The Tooth Fairy gets upset if I start handing out front teeth, and I can’t make the Tooth Fairy mad.  Because then the Tooth Fairy won’t play golf with me!”  It was absolutely precious.  On our way back to Williams, we all sang Christmas carols and our oldest turned to me and said, “My heart is twinkling with hope.”  Isn’t that what it is all about?!

If you live in So. Cal., AZ, or NV…you know, an easy drive to AZ, you should really take the train ride next year!  Tickets are on sale now!  I’ve included some video at the end…please forgive the quality…I was freaking out along with the children while shooting it on our point and shoot!

So onto the fun…

On the road…somewhere on the I-40.  I swear the I-40 (the part that runs through Arizona) must be the most miserable part of highway in the U.S.

All she wants for Christmas is her one front tooth!

At the hotel and ready to go…big sis is explaining all the fun that is in-store for the evening!  And now that I look at the photo below, doesn’t it almost look like Santa’s shadow to the right?!

Why walk when we can run to the train?!

Waiting in the lobby before heading out to the train…it was C.O.L.D!

All aboard!!  The girls are boarding the train for a night they will never forget!

Ticket in hand…

Cookies were passed out to all of us that Mrs. Claus had made for all the passengers…the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER!

Coming around to punch our tickets…

And of course, there was time for hot chocolate.  The song they play in the movie when they serve the hot chocolate was playing throughout the cabin, and I think a smile was on every single face!

On our train ride to the North Pole…itsy bitsy lounging on daddy.

With her mind going 100+mph, she looked outside for the Northern Lights!

All good things must come to an end!

A family photo we took before boarding…yes, we ALL wore our P.J.’s!

Now onto some fun video!

North Pole Video

Santa on the Train


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