Believe In Who You ARE…

Believe in who you ARE…and don’t change yourself to be someone you’re not.  There is no one else out there like you…so OWN it!

Lea Michele was quoted in this month’s edition of Teen Vogue magazine saying, “Believing in who I am and not changing myself got me to where I am now.”

Now let me give you some backstory…Lea Michele recently became the brand ambassador for L’Oreal.  This is the same girl that had a manager tell her at 15 years old that she needed to get a nose job to be successful in this industry.  I bet every time she says, “Because you’re worth it” while filming the L’Oreal commercials, she’s wanting to say, “TAKE THAT!” to the manager that said those words to her.

Don’t change yourself for anyone…simply OWN what makes you unique.

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Stay Fearless,



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