[Be an “IT” Girl] High School Seniors Representative

DRUMROLL, please………………

I’m SUPER excited to announce my Senior Representative program…and since I don’t like that term (because honestly, it sounds way too boring for the fun I have with my Seniors), I will be using the term “IT” Girl.  Oh yes girls, embrace it…because I know each of us has an “IT” Girl deep inside our hearts!

Check out all the details below…and click here or on the flyer below if you are interested in applying.  Apply sooner, rather than later, to be an “IT” Girl for Michelle Ocampo Photography…and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

And as a perk to my “IT” Girls, the girl that has the most referrals by the end of the school year receives her choice of the following: a $50 Gift Card to iTunes, a $50 Gift Card to Target to start decorating that dorm room, OR $50 at Forever 21 so you have an amazing wardrobe for your first year in college!

Application process goes through April…”IT” Girls will be announced in May.

Apply.  Be an “IT” Girl.  Embrace life.



M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N