You Are Beautiful.

To all my I LOVE ME Campaign girls,

What have you done with the stickers from your goodie bags?! Here is a fun fact for you…these stickers have a story!

The YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL stickers come from the You-Are-Beautiful organization. You can go onto their website and upload a photo of where you have posted your sticker! Let’s spread the message of LOVING YOUR VERSION OF BEAUTIFUL!

I may or may not be promoting that you leave one of your stickers on a public bathroom mirror or some other fun place you can think of to brighten someone’s day! 😉  But make sure you keep one for yourself!


Tips on where you can put your sticker:

  • Your bedroom or bathroom mirror…I know I could use a reminder some mornings!
  • It looks pretty sweet on cell phone cases!
  • School folder
  • In your car
  • At your desk
  • On your computer
  • Put it on the front of your planner (This is what I did!)
  • AND………don’t forget to leave one somewhere public to brighten someones day!  I’ll let you get creative with this one! 😉

Stay Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N