High school is an amazing time where you really develop some deep friendships…high school is the time in your life where you start to experience freedom, little by little, and these are the friends that are there to share that with you!  Life changes, and you all may take different paths as you venture on to college, but there is nothing on earth that can replace the true friendships you foster at this stage in your life.  NOTHING.  It’s a one-of-a-kind friendship.  So as you go through the rest of your senior year, treasure this friendship and hold it in the highest regard. xo  Enough with the mushies…let’s meet the girls and get a peek into their friendship!  Meet Sabrina, Holly, and Lindsey!

First up we have Sabrina…I can tell that once you get to know this girl, she has a pretty wicked funny sense of humor!  Holly’s favorite thing about Sabrina is her sense of humor, her taste in music and clothes, her openness to new ideas, and her driving skills.  Hmmm…I’m dying to hear about the driving skills! lol  Lindsey’s favorite things about her is her great sense of direction.

“She always helps me whenever I have a situation

or when I talk to her.

She helps point me in a good direction.”


The beautiful Sabrina…

Sabrina’s Senior Will:

I would leave Holly my basketball so she can ball it up in college with all of the hot guys that she will meet!
And Lindsey would get my cowboy boots because she knows how to dance a lot better than I do so she could put them to better use!

Sabrina’s College Plans:

I’m attending CSUMB in the fall and planning to major in kinesiology. Then I plan to get a doctorates in physical therapy!


Next up we have the amazing Holly–My best description of Holly is “carefree with KILLER hair!”  I mean seriously, look at her!  She is gorgeous!

  Lindsey’s favorite thing about Holly is her carefree nature and her ability to always have a great time!

“I love that she is always there for me when I need to talk about my day.  She doesn’t judge.”


Meet the amazing Holly…

Holly’s Senior Will:

I would leave Lindsey all my nail polish and fashion magazines, and I would leave Sabrina my iPod because she loves music!

Holly’s College Plans:

I plan on attending either Humboldt State University to study Wildlife Conservation and Management and Environmental Policy or University of Oregon to study Sports Management to become a general manager of a baseball team.


And here is the lovely Lindsey.  She is so down to earth!  Just a great all-around girl!  You may remember her from the I Love Me Campaign awhile back.  Holly’s favorite things about Lindsey are her confidence, her concern for others, her loyalty, and her smile.

“She always puts a smile on my face with her bubbly personality!”


And here is the one and only, Lindsey…

Lindsey’s Senior Will:

I would will my cheer poms to Holly to help instill confidence and poise in herself.  Holly is a great girl and needs just needs a little help to bust out of her shell a bit.  I believe that my Poms would help her feel more confident.

I would leave Sabrina my cheer uniform because I know she secretly has always wanted to wear one!  lol  I would leave her the uniform because I believe it would help her break out of her shell too and be more comfortable in herself.

Lindsey’s College Plans:

As of right now, my plan is to go to MPC for two years and earn my associate degree. After that, I plan on transferring to Mercyhurst College in Pennsylvania.

My major is going to be forensic anthropology and a double minor in archeology and criminal justice.


If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

I would help all the kids in the orphanages that I have worked with in other countries to make their lives better. -Lindsey

I would go to the 49ers and ask for an internship. -Sabrina

What I’ll miss the most is Chopstix runs and having two people around who understand my humor and are nice enough to laugh at my jokes. -Holly



The countdown is on, girls!  Graduation is around the corner!!  So enjoy your time together and go to Chopstix just for the heck of it! 😉

Stay Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N