Brains+Beauty: Catherine Middleton

Ahhh…The Duchess of Cambridge. Not only does she have brains and beauty…but a royal crown to go with it!  Technically, if and when she becomes Queen, with her college diploma in hand, she would be the most formally educated Queen.  The Duchess attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.  While pursuing her degree in Art History at St. Andrews, she caught the eye of a fellow student that just happened to be the Prince.  And well, the rest is history!  But it doesn’t seem she let that get in the way of her studies…she graduated with honors!


(Photo by Jennifer Su)

Not only does Kate (yes, I’m going to use the less formal “Kate”…it makes me feel like we’re BFFs) embrace her brains, but let’s face it, she is gorgeous as well.  She carries herself with such poise and confidence.  And you may think that’s easy because she has a team of people guiding her.  But I’d like to note it is NEVER easy, no matter how much you’ve been prepped, to be thrown in the media spotlight and continually carry yourself with grace, despite the constant scrutinizing of the press.

One little random fact I love about her is it was reported on her wedding day that she insisted she do her own makeup for the big day.  And I think she did a great job…that takes confidence!  And for the record, this green dress she is wearing is my FAVORITE ONE I’ve seen her in.  This girl is setting fashion trends around the world.  The nude pump that has become so popular?!?!?  All her.

See, it IS possible to embrace your brains and beauty…let it be your superpower!  Because it’s GORGEOUS.

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