Brains+Beauty: Sandra Bullock

Last week I launched my new blog series, Brains+Beauty.  My goal is to profile smart women…women that you THOUGHT were just a pretty face, and show you they are so much more.  It’s so interesting to me that we see these women and think to ourselves, “Surely they can’t be THAT smart because they are gorgeous!”  The media has truly twisted our minds into thinking this.  A perfect example…when you see a supermodel in an interview, do you expect her to be smart?!  NO!  Because the media has conditioned us that you can be one or the other, but not both!  So then we watch the supermodel in the interview, and we are surprised when we discover she is actually pretty smart and a decent conversationalist!  Well, this blog series is to show you, you CAN be both, and it’s gorgeous.  When you embrace your brains and beauty, you possess such a beautiful confidence.  Actresses that used to “just” be beautiful are now these magnetic women we all admire because they aren’t “just” beautiful anymore, they are smart too!

This post I want to highlight Sandra Bullock.  This darlin’ girl captures our hearts so easily.  She graced the screen in Miss Congeniality and my most recent favorite, The Proposal.  Side note, if you have not seen The Proposal…seriously, just go rent it!  Um hello, it also stars Ryan Reynolds…RUN to your Redbox machine and get it! 😉

This Southern beauty is more cultured than you probably ever knew.  She traveled with her mother through Europe, as her mom sang on an opera tour.  Sandra and even became fluent in German (added cool points for knowing a foreign language)!  As a child, she even had opportunities to show off her own vocal talents in small opera roles.  Sandra also studied ballet.  After high school, she went on to study and eventually graduate from East Carolina University.

And the icing on the top?!  She owns her own production company.  Seriously, how cool is that?!  And her entrepreneurial streak doesn’t end there.  She has also opened a restaurant in Austin, Texas called Bess Bistro.  And also opened another restaurant/bakery/floral business, Walton’s Fancy and Staple.  You go girl…I’m all for women that rock their business side.

I bet she isn’t just another pretty face to you anymore, is she?!

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