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Big Sis Advice: Don’t Compare…

Comparing yourself is destructive to your soul. Just don’t do it. And girls, YOU ARE THE WORST! Instead of competing and putting each other down, raise each other up!  Others will respect you beyond belief.   Stay Fearless,

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SAT Tip: Adding and Subtracting Fractions

I learned the coolest trick, and it is too awesome to not share with you all!  So this is my tip to help you with the math portion of the SAT’s so you aren’t finding the need to make a cute design on the scan-tron!  Just kidding…I totally get that you are way beyond fractions, […]

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Presidential Parties

Yep, it’s that time!  President Obama VS Mitt Romney.  Every four years we have the opportunity to embrace democracy and vote for our next leader.  You may not be able to vote yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with Election Day! I’ve been inspired by my intern, Kathrine, to host an […]

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International Day of the Girl

Today is International Day of the Girl!  In honor of today, CNN posted an amazing article and photographs…Did you ever wonder what some of the most SMART and POWERFUL women in the world would go back and say to their 15-year-old self? Click on the photo below and find out!   (Photo via CNN) Stay […]

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Top 3 Trends: Choosing the Perfect Homecoming Dress!

Today’s post is from my sweet Georgia peach, my intern Kelly! Some fun facts about Kelly… 1) She’s currently working her way through the Big Bang Theory… On Season 3! She could watch it for HOURS. 2) Right now she only has one thing on her leap list… Running a marathon before she is 20! […]

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