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Apple Deals for College

Check out the deal for Apple products I found in my inbox today! Click on the screenshot below to find out more–They have special education pricing and complimentary gift cards with purchase! We all know carting an iPad around campus with your digital textbooks is WAY better than carting a backpack full of books…not to […]

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[Best Advice My Mother Ever Gave Me] Part 1

Ah…finding the right friends.  This can be a challenging task; I totally get it. My mother told me something that always stuck with me. Just be cautious when selecting friends.  And remember, you don’t need a ton of friends, just one GREAT friend…that’s all that matters!

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Are You Pretty or Smart?

I’m convinced this is the media’s favorite question.  They rarely mix the two.  And have you ever noticed pretty is slapped on nearly every page of a magazine?! Since I set off on my mission last year to help high school senior girls embrace their version of beautiful, I have given a lot of thought […]

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[Big Sis Advice #3] Your Friends Are A Mirror.

  The friends you choose are a direct reflection of YOU…when you are friends with a group of girls, you are categorized as part of that whole.  Is that a good “whole” to be associated with? Be extra careful when choosing your friends. You THINK you may have a strong sense of self; but trust […]

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