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{Home Sweet Home} Fort Irwin Photographer

As some of you may know, I live in a very unique place.  Actually, I am currently sitting in 45-50mph winds, and I just heard it’s gusting up to 65mph.  Ironically, this is sort of “normal” for our location!  This blog post will shock some of my friends.  I’m always telling them how “remote” it […]

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{Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss}

This week at school for my girls, in honor of Dr. Seuss, they have been participating in a Read Across America program. Well today’s fun activity for Read Across America was to dress as your favorite book character.  There was such excitement this morning when they woke up…I heard my youngest at the crack of […]

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{Gallery Options} Photo Gallery Walls

My favorite thing after each personal family session is picking the photographs we will enlarge for our walls.  I typically pick two images from each session to enlarge…two years ago, we chose images to go above our T.V., and this past year, we chose two images for our master bedroom.  I personally go with the […]

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{WPPI 2011} Las Vegas Photography Convention

So, just to put it out there, I’m a sucker for continuing education.  And when you combine it with the opportunity to get together with my “co-workers” from around the world…sign me up!  Every year, there is “the” photo convention of ALL photo conventions, WPPI.  It is supposed to be the largest photo convention in […]

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{Let’s get to business…}

As some of you know, the time is right around the corner for our family to move!  Home for us is where our country needs us… As I looked at the calendar today, I think I nearly choked on my celery stick when I saw how close it was!  So I thought I’d announce when […]

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