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How Much Skin is Just Right?

Let’s face it…in this day and age where there is skin EVERYWHERE around us, I can see how there are mixed messages that THAT is beautiful.  But there is still something to be said for keeping a little to the imagination!  So I’m going to reveal the perfect formula! Tessa pulled off my secret formula […]

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Graduation Outfits

Graduation day is right around the corner!!!  Senioritis is in FULL SWING!  Do you have the perfect graduation outfit yet?  My Iowa intern, Taylor, pieced together some graduation outfit ideas…and the perfect Grad Night outfits as well.  Here we go…just click on the images to see where you can find the items. Outfits for Graduation […]

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90 Second Makeup

Let’s face it…you want to sleep in as much as you can before going to school!  Yet, it never hurts us to spend a couple extra minutes in front of the mirror to make sure we put our best face forward while walking the halls of school.  Well, this is me…coming to your rescue!  This […]

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I Put WHAT In My Hair?!

So my mom was visiting and she told me that she put Coconut Oil in her hair overnight, as a deep conditioner, and it worked like a charm. I may have been slightly nervous, considering… When I was in high school, I tried putting mayonnaise in my hair like a magazine article suggested and it […]

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Tangles No More

As you all know, when I find a beauty product I love, I love to share it with you all!  And guess what…this stuff is AMAZING. If you have long hair and the dreaded tangles that come along with it, or frizzy hair in the morning, this is for you!  Original Sprout is an all-natural […]

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