College Admissions 101–Where in the world do I start?!

Drumroll please…………((tapping fingers on desktop))………….It’s with much excitement that I get to introduce to you one of my WONDERFUL new interns!!  This is Kathrine, she is hailing in from the great state of Texas–(Kathrine, don’t tell anyone, but I’m DYING for a cool pair of cowboy boots…there is a big part of Texas in this California girl).  I’m super excited for you all to get to know Kathrine.  She has an amazing personality–a heart of gold…I’m talking 14k gold…and she is SO FUNNY!  And here are a few fun facts on Kathrine…because I’m a little obsessed with knowing fun facts about people:

1. She loves sea otters, spoken word poetry, animal-shaped candles, hiking, and the oxford comma.  (She loves the oxford comma, and I love her for admitting it!  I personally am a fan of the ellipsis!)
2. Has visited 40 of the US states and lived in nine.
3. Is addicted to Venti Skinny Caffè Lattes.  (I’ll meet you at the local coffee house ANY TIME OF DAY!!)

And Kathrine is the blog contributor this week!  Here are some fabulous tips on applying to colleges from Kathrine herself!!  If you have questions, PLEASE feel free to leave questions in the comments.  We will do our best to answer them!  I’m pretty sure with my interns combined, they have applied to over a dozen colleges.  So get ready…get set…and get applying to those dream colleges.  You never know until you apply!  DREAMS.BIG.  You don’t want to live with “what if”.

Stay Fearless,
PS-And don’t forget Apple’s education discount for college students!


Senior ladies, it’s that time of year….

Friday night football games, snuggling at bonfires, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course the need to find the perfect dress for your last homecoming dance. The last thing you want is for stress about college applications to keep you from enjoying what is supposed to be your golden year of high school! Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips to set your mind at ease when it comes to getting into that dream school of yours!


1. Start early!!!

This is the simplest but best advice about college applications. The earlier you apply, the earlier you hear back, which gives you a head start on applying for scholarships, the resident hall you want, and asking for school-themed clothes for your birthday!


2. Show who YOU are in your essays.

The essay portion is where you get the opportunity to show your dream college who YOU are. Don’t just write what you think they want to hear – it’s easy to tell whether or not someone is truly passionate about something. Don’t be afraid to be snarky, funny, or out-of-the-box – colleges want creative minds!


3. Apply to at least three colleges.

As indecisive as I am, I applied to seven! You never know what the acceptance rate will be each year – there was a school I thought I would never get into that ended up accepting me! On the other hand, a school I thought I would get into easily decided to put me on a wait-list. At the end of the day, it’s good to have options. And don’t be afraid to apply to a school that seems like a reach – who wouldn’t want a beautiful, smart, and fun girl like you on campus?!


4. Dare to go somewhere new!

I spent my middle and high school years in the very northern part of the United States, and while most of my friends chose to stay near the east coast for university, I wanted to try something new! I’m now in a very southern part of central Texas and experiencing things I would’ve never even dreamt of had I stayed in my comfort zone! (Did y’all know people still actually wear cowboy boots and overalls?!) I really miss my beloved city skyline, but I can guarantee there’s nothing like sitting on a truck tailgate watching a beautiful sunset color the big Texas sky.


5. Ask a teacher to look over your application before you press submit!

Often times, if an admissions reviewer sees even one grammatical or spelling error, she’ll automatically discard your application. Don’t let a silly mistake get in the way of your goal!


6. Finally, beautiful ladies please remember that a piece of paper does not define you.

College admissions are tough, but the good news is you’re tough, too! No matter where you end up, rest in the knowledge that you’re incredibly smart, talented, and have the power to be an influential force wherever you are!


THANK YOU KATHRINE!!!  And I remember from my personal experience, Kathrine is so right…the essay portion is incredibly important.  It’s your chance to really stand out against a crowd of “papers”.  I recall struggling for an angle to take for my paper…and my best recommendation is to take the least expected angle.  You don’t want to be the average candidate…they will read hundreds, if not thousands, of essays…you want to STAND OUT.  Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.  BE YOU.  And chances are, they will love you for it! If you decide to take the “safe route” and sound like the average applicant, you’re application will probably be placed in the “maybe” pile, at best!

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