{D.I.Y} Personal Projects

You would be so proud of me…I kicked off this year with a BANG by tackling two DIY projects at one time!  My cousin was up visiting for the New Year, so we ventured out to a thrift store in town for some fun, which ended up having a lot of cool stuff.  Trust me, this was way unexpected from the look of the outside!  I have been wanting to create my own framed chalkboard for awhile now.  Well, actually, I won’t lie.  I’ve been wanting to BUY a framed chalkboard for awhile now.  And then I finally decided that it can’t be that hard, right?!  I found the perfect old metal picture at the thrift store that would work perfect for my chalkboard.  And then I also found the perfect mirror for my girl’s “NYC” themed bathroom!

First, I have to apologize…in all of my excitement, I forgot to take “before” photos.  I had great intentions of taking before photos, and I got so excited to spray paint primer that I completely forgot!  But I can give you a great description! 😉  The chalkboard was originally all metal that was painted….the frame portion was gold and brown paint that was trying to look like fake wood.  The inside was some abstract painting that said “ROMA”.  Totally not my cup of tea, but that is what is great about DIY…I made it into my cup of tea!  My cousin and I primed the whole thing and then painted the frame portion a great turquoise color and then spray painted the chalkboard paint in the middle.  Of course when everything was dry, I tried distressed the frame with sandpaper.  I’ve never distressed anything before, so I was super excited when it started looking semi-decent.  At the beginning of distressing, I was afraid I was going to have to repaint the frame!  But I think it turned out well.  And the exciting thing about it being all metal, is that I can also hang magnets from there!  Now I just need to find an eraser…it has been harder than I thought!  Funny…

So here is my framed chalkboard creation!  I plan to write some weekly message to the family on there…something inspirational!

And then our second project was the mirror for my girl’s NYC bathroom.   It is a plaster type material and it was originally a cream color with gold brushed on here and there…we painted it YELLOW.  It’s loud baby!  It seriously took around 5 or 6 coats of paint…it was ridiculous!  But I think it worked out PERFECTLY! And I was so proud of the color match we did for the paint…it was pure guesswork at the Home Depot paint counter…but I think we nailed it!

I think these are seriously the first two DIY projects I’ve ever done…so I am mighty proud.  And the framed chalkboard ran only $19.95 and the mirror was $12 (plus paint supplies).  But it definitely worked out to be less than purchasing online and was a ton of fun to be a bit handy with a project!  If you’d like any inspiration for taking old pieces around your home and turning them into something that is out of this world, check out the Life in the Fun Lane blog.  She does AMAZING work.  She will take an old junky dresser that has seen a few decades and turn it into a masterpiece!  If anything, go check out her blog for the inspiration alone!

Do you have any DIY projects for this year?!

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