[Dear Future It Girl…] Pacific Grove CA High School Seniors Photographer

“Dear future IT girl,

Let me just say, that my experience with Michelle Ocampo was absolutely outstanding. I can not put into words the enthusiasm, and energetic vibe I experience being around her. There was not an instant that I had to “fake laugh” for a picture, in fact, it was the serious poses that I had the most trouble with, because you can not help but smile around this incredible woman – Whose talents are overflowing directly from her heart. She made me feel like I was not just playing, but living the part of a model. She does not make you beautiful, she simply encourages you to find YOUR voice, realize YOUR position of individuality, and prods the confidence that sometimes we can not pull out ourselves. All it takes is one person to truly believe in you, to see your potential. And Mrs. Michelle, will never look at your dreams & laugh. I think you will be surprised how easy it is to open up to her, and just be yourself. I am blessed to be able to call this lady my friend. And a mentor! I cherish the time that I spent with her, and am looking forward to our paths crossing in the future. Mrs. Michelle, I am already reserving you for Senior pictures, college graduation pictures, & MY WEDDING, my first baby, etc. Thank you for everything you have done for me! And.. IT GIRL, may your experience be over & above everything you expect. Stay extraordinary… “
-Kelly Anne



Thank you for your note.  I *loved* every moment photographing you…and thank you for every kind word you said.  And I love that we have kept in touch…you ARE an IT girl, never doubt it for a second!  Enjoy every moment of your senior year!

To my readers, Become an IT girl…or share with any IT girls you know! 😉


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