{Drool on the Keyboard} Fashion Friday JoyFolie | ModCloth

Within the last 24 hours, I think I have drooled on my keyboard TWICE, yes…TWICE!  I have found two new sites that have just made my head spin with some serious fashion!  And I even caught myself asking at one point, “where have I been?!  This stuff is amazing!”

Instantly, I thought of all of you…these two sites are amazing enough that I need to share!  Beware, you may drool too…and I don’t want your space bar to stop working like mine because of drool! (I’m totally kidding…but I love to be dramatic sometimes!)

First off…JoyFolie.  OH.MY.WORD.  The first thing that caught my eyes were this pair of shoes…I instantly knew, this site was my fashion heaven for my girls.  Can you imagine?! (Photos taken from Joyfolie)

Yeah, I know….amazing, right?!  And GET THIS…she even has a retreat, The Makerie.  Where you too can have your creative juices pumped through and through.  I’m so tempted!  I think it is a brilliant idea.  You can also check out JoyFolie’s Etsy Page…but you have to promise me you will visit the website and blog too.  I feel more creative by just perusing the sites!  Gorgeous work.  There are some wonderful, unique pieces that you could mix and match with your existing wardrobe to create a one of a kind outfit for a photo session.

My second find within the last 24 hours was ModCloth.  All I have to say is: mama needs a new party dress!  Oh my.  Their dresses.  I’m in love.  I love an excuse to wear a dress as it is, but now that I discovered these dresses…who needs an excuse?!  Help me decide: (all photos of dresses taken from ModCloth)

Here we have Option A:

Can you imagine this paired with shoes that pack a punch of color?!  I’m thinking emerald green shoes!

Option B:
Lots of gathering…the twirl factor is definitely high with this one.

Option C:
Red heels??  Do we make a statement?

Let me know what you think!

Get your fashion on,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N