Fall Fashion Trends

So, a little known fact about me…I love fashion.  I remember perusing The September Issue (the issue every year that’s typically fashion law for the fall…this year, it’s 916 glorious pages) and getting familiar with all the new trends for the upcoming season.  So it is safe to say, I’m perfectly content with being “trendy”.  Why not embrace the fun fashion of the moment?!

Today I bring you three big fashion trends for fall.  Remember, with trendy items, there is no need to spend a ton of money on them…check out H&M or Forever 21.  These are items that are “in” today and could possibly be “out” next school year!  And you don’t need a ton of trendy stuff in the closet…2-3 key pieces that you can mix and match with classic items will take you a long way!  So let’s get started…

1. The New Take on Skinny…

Photo from Forever 21

Skinny jeans are getting a makeover!  We all love our skinnies…but now, be on the lookout for animal print and plaid skinny jeans.  And if you feel like you have a little punk vibe in your fashion-heart, get ready!  Plaid is coming back, and I’m even seeing combat shoes with dresses–in all it’s punk glory!  But please…only one punk item in an outfit, we don’t want to overdo it!

Photo from Modcloth…a favorite store of mine for some fun, not so common, clothes!


2. Chunky Sweaters…

I hope you like feeling nice and cozy in class…because big chunky sweaters are in.  Hopefully you aren’t so comfy that you are falling asleep in Precalculus!  The chunkier, the better!



3.  The Chambray Shirt…

Photo from Forever 21

This polka dot chambray was a fun find at Forever 21.  And an important side note, in the magazines, they are mixing different color denim…the style-gods have said it’s okay to wear a lighter denim chambray shirt with dark denim skinny jeans.

Most importantly this fall, have fun with your wardrobe.  What’s your favorite fashion trend?!  I’m honestly ready to rock the chunky sweaters with a pair of dark-wash skinnies and my favorite flats!

Senior Photos Fashion Tip…

You don’t want to rock a ton of trendy outfits in your senior pictures.  Pick one outfit that is trendy for the moment that you love and then for your other outfit, pick something that is a bit more classic/timeless.   And classic/timeless DOES NOT MEAN BORING!  Check out JCrew for some amazing outfits that are very fun and classic at the same time.  I promise you…when you are 30, you might just be questioning the animal print skinny jeans in your senior photos!  They are super fun for the moment, but you don’t want the photo of you rockin’ the animal print to be the only photo hanging on your parent’s walls for decades to come!  lol

Be Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N