My Favorite Things:: 2012 Teen Edition

If you’ve followed my blog over the years, you know I love doing My Favorite Things each year!  I believe each girl has stuff they drool over…you know, that pair of boots that make your heart skip a beat.  Or that necklace that wants a home on YOUR NECK!

This year, I’m doing the Favorite Things blog post in two parts.  Today’s edition is for all my teen girls out there…and if you’re a mama, read on for some gift ideas for the teen in your life!  On the blog later this week, we will have the “For Your Mama” Edition…a list of My Favorite Things for all my teens to consider when shopping for mama!

So let’s get started, shall we?!  ((Cue the Jingle Bells, snowflakes, and all things glittery))

Concert Tickets…

Concert tickets are the most amazing gift.  They have been at the top of my Christmas list for the last few years…and I haven’t regretted it for a single second!!!  Not only am I super excited when I receive them on Christmas morning, but then a few months later when I go to the concert, it’s like Christmas all over again!

It’s like the gift that keeps on giving…

and totally better than the pair of Vans you’ve been eyeing! 

So go on Ticketmaster’s website, look up your favorite band…and see when they are coming to town!

Last year, I received Coldplay tickets.   I saw them live in San Jose in April…and it was AMAZING.  Their music takes me to another place…and I love every beat of it with my soul.

Here is a peek into the fun I had at the Mylo Xyloto Tour.  And notice all our blinking bracelets that they controlled to the music…HEAVEN!

How could you NOT want to be a part of this?!

When you go to a concert, you remember that experience for life!  So go for it…throw some tickets on your list for Santa!


(Photo from Nordstrom)

Need I say more?!  I mean come on!!  Look at them!  I’ve always wanted a pair of Hunter rain boots…and I don’t know why.  I think it’s just because they are THE classic rainboot, and maybe because I want to splash in puddles without any consequences?!?!?!  Okay, maybe that is it…and look cute at the same time?!

I love this green pair…and I love the gray as well.  It’s a coin toss between the two.  But THIS I can guarantee you, wouldn’t they be so cute, paired with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, splashing in puddles walking around town?!  Find these at Nordstroms.

And by the way, rain boots just got a whole lot cooler…you can now wear fancy fleece socks that line the inside of your boot and come up over the top.  Warm AND stylish!



(Photo from Clarisonic)

I introduced you all to the Clarisonic during my post on skincare…and I still LOVE this thing.  I can definitely tell a big difference in my skin when I stop using it for awhile.  So if you want to do wonders for your complexion, give this puppy a try!


For all of you girls that want to do some cool tricks with your iPhone, check out this lens at Urban Outfitters

(Photo from Urban Outfitters)

Yep, simply attach the lens to your phone and you’re ready!  Take some sweet shots and video with this simple lens!  And if you get this, email me some pics you take with it!  I want to see them…can you imagine using this at your high school or college football games?!


I can’t tell you how much I love this brand.  Everything they do for their local communities is amazing…AND, to top of it, their clothes just make you walk with a little more “umph” in your step!  I’m telling you, every garment makes you look and feel FABULOUS.  I’m drooling over these Wunder Under Crops…they have a great pattern up close!  And I know they would look fab while running up and down the coast!  Santa, THIS is on my list!

If you’d love to start with an item from lululemon that you could wear EVERY day…check out their Vinyasa Scarf.  I have it, love it, and it’s so versatile…and let’s admit it, scarfs are hot right now!  There are SO many ways you can wear this thing!

 (Photos from lululemon)



So this is where I get all mushy and sentimental…and big sister on you.  While all these things are fun and “cool” at the moment, I’m challenging you to ask your parents for something that will last forever.  Tell them you want a piece of jewelry…a REAL piece of jewelry.

You know, not like the necklaces they let you get

out of the gumball machine when you were a kid

that turned your neck green by bedtime! 

My dad surprised me last year with this necklace from Tiffany & Co., and I didn’t know how grateful I’d be for it.  It’s the ONLY piece of jewelry he has ever given me…and I’ll have it forever.  I can pretty much promise you, you will thank me one day for this idea.  And if you’re a parent reading this…yep, just go with it!  I wear this almost every day…

(Photo from Tiffany & Co.)



I thought this was a fun twist on modern meets retro.  And yes, this is what phones used to look like! lol  Plug this old-school phone into your iPhone and chat away!  All I have to say is it would be MUCH easier to hold the phone to my ear with my shoulder…and let’s just admit it, this is so fun!  I found this at Urban Outfitters…but I also saw them at Target when I was shopping like a crazy girl at midnight on Black Friday!

 (Photo from Urban Outfitters)

So take these ideas and run with them!!  And go get those lists ready for Santa! 😉

Be Fearless,





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