How Much Skin is Just Right?

Let’s face it…in this day and age where there is skin EVERYWHERE around us, I can see how there are mixed messages that THAT is beautiful.  But there is still something to be said for keeping a little to the imagination!  So I’m going to reveal the perfect formula!

Tessa pulled off my secret formula perfectly…and here is the secret.

If you want to wear short shorts, cover up on top. 

And if you want to show a little more skin on top, cover up on the bottom. 

Now, I’m NOT saying wear a turtle neck and skirt to your ankles (although your parents may like that idea)!  The problem is, when you go short on the bottom and short on top, YIKES!!!!  Showing too much girls!  And you instantly lose the classy factor!

And let’s face it, keeping it classy is beautiful.

It shows you love yourself enough to respect your body.  There is nothing wrong with keeping a little somethin’ somethin’ to the imagination nowadays! Not to mention, the good catches out there will respect you for YOUR self-respect. 😉   Enjoy the tip!

Stay Fearless,




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