[Fearless Girls]


So who is the Fearless Girl you know?

We all know one…the girl that dances 3 days a week with a dream of dancing on Lady Gaga’s next tour, the girl that is at the gym doing gymnastics in the afternoons in hopes of being on the National Team, or the girl that plays softball to the best of her ability…she may not be the best on the team but her spirit is always uplifting to everyone on the team and her attitude makes her fearless.  There are lots of versions of being fearless as well.  She could also be the girl that just wanted to be normal during her teen years, but instead is taking a positive attitude while she battles cancer.  There are Fearless Girls all around us…she could be your best friend, or she could be the girl you look up to.

I think it is incredibly important to be a fearless girl.  Being fearless is being confident…and confidence is so incredibly beautiful.

With this, I am launching my Fearless Girl section on the blog.  I encourage you to nominate that Fearless teen girl that you know…come on, you know you want to do it.  Seriously, think how good that would make her feel…to know someone thought enough of her to nominate her as a FEARLESS GIRL!  My goal is to highlight one Fearless Girl a month.  If selected as a Fearless Girl, she will receive a mini-profile shoot with me, receive 3 Facebook images, and a Blog post highlighting her fearlessness!  Seriously, those are legit bragging rights!

So please nominate the teen you think is most fearless…you will make her day!  And please share this with any local colleagues that work with teen girls that may know a fearless one! 😉


Embrace life, and hold your head up high knowing you are worth it.  Trust yourself…and walk with purpose wherever you go.



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