[February 2012 Fearless Girl]

Meet Lakyn.

Lakyn is a competitive dancer at Rockstar Dance Studio in Pacific Grove…this is where she dedicates many hours to her study of ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and lyrical classes.  She is even a part of their Show Team.  Lakyn, captain of her dance team at Rockstar, has been dancing for 8 years and competing for about five of those years.  Dance is her emotional outlet (we could all use one of those, right girls?!).  Lakyn told me, “When I’ve had a rough day, or I am bursting with happiness, I can express it all through movement. It helps me overcome major obstacles in life, and I know I’ll always have that one place where I belong.”  I can’t imagine a better emotional outlet than one like that!  And on top of this…I hear she is an amazing student; not only is she pulling off many hours in the studio each week, but she is also in AP classes and on the Honor Roll.  YOU GO GIRL!

Fearlessness to Lakyn…

Fearlessness smells like…sweaty palms holding a baseball bat.

Fearlessness looks like…shaking hands while speaking to a crowd of people.

Fearlessness tastes like…bottles of water before a performance.

Fearlessness sounds like…nervous stutters when presenting in class.

Fearlessness feels like…those butterflies in your stomach when stepping on the court for the first time.

“The one thing I know for sure is no matter how ‘scared’ I am, fearlessness is the overcoming of it.  Not walking away or saying I can’t do this, but doing it anyways because I keep telling myself I have the strength to.” -Lakyn

I can’t tell you how much I love that, Lakyn…I want everyone to reread that; AMAZING and so inspiring.

What makes Lakyn fearless?

Remembering two things:  No matter what little things may happen in life today, they will never have a strong effect on my future, and I am never a failure as long as I know I did my best to try.

((Of course we had to go into Rockstar for a bit so I could see some of her awesomeness…all I can say is I WISH I could move my body like that.  Insane…it must be such a free feeling to fly around in the air like this!))

“My favorite thing about myself is my confidence. I may feel judged or looked down upon, but I still walk with my head high to prove that I am better than what some believe I may be.” -Fearless Lakyn

If you could give other teen girls one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t stress the little things. You’re boyfriend might have broken up with you, or you might have tripped in front of the whole school, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In twenty years no one will remember the chord on the ground that surprised you or the name of that one guy who broke your heart. There is a time in life for everything, and yours is on its way.

Lakyn, if you could have one superpower, what would it be?
I would love to be able to read people’s minds. It would be so much fun to be able to understand different perspectives on things such as how a song makes you feel, or why you believe in one thing, but not another. I love taking a deeper look into things, which is why I love dance so much. I may listen to a song and feel happiness, then see another person dance to it and realize that they feel struggle or loneliness.

And here is the fabulous Ms. Stevie, the owner of Rockstar Studio, with her fearless dancer.  Thank you Stevie for taking the time to nominate this amazing girl.

And thank you so much Lakyn! You are such an amazing inspiration to so many girls.  Never loose that incredible spirit you have inside of you.  No doubt, with your confidence and attitude, you can do ANYTHING.  I feel so blessed that I met you and was able to highlight you as my very first Fearless Girl.

To nominate a fearless girl, check this out!  We all know one…so go nominate her.  I’m positive it would make her week, right Lakyn?!  Girls, let’s empower each other!


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