{Gallery Options} Photo Gallery Walls

My favorite thing after each personal family session is picking the photographs we will enlarge for our walls.  I typically pick two images from each session to enlarge…two years ago, we chose images to go above our T.V., and this past year, we chose two images for our master bedroom.  I personally go with the Museum Mounts that I offer because I know I will change some of these out in a few years time.  Museum Mounts are a nice “in-between”…they are not a canvas, yet they are nicer than just an enlarged print.

Today I wanted to share some options with you.  Here you will see what we did in our family room with two 24×36 images side by side above our T.V.  The one makes me laugh every time I see it because of the expressions of our kiddos…it was so “them” at that age.


And below are some more gallery options that I envisioned.  Yet, the possibilities are endless…  Let your walls tell a story of your family.  It is the most valued art you could ever own…it can’t be replicated.  It’s 100% you!


A lot of individuals have a hard time envisioning how a gallery display may appear on their wall…or have difficulty envisioning the SIZE of an image/gallery on a wall.  My recommendation would be to use a roll of brown paper…you know, the kind you wrap boxes in before shipping!  Cut them out to different sized options and tape it up on the wall.  This will give you a good idea if the size is appropriate for that space or not.  You will be so surprised…an 8×10 is NOT a wall print!!   The wall will eat that tiny print up!  In my opinion, the only way to use a 8×10 print on the wall is if you make a large gallery of smaller images; for example, look at this wall where using smaller sizes in a gallery was achieved beautifully.  And the wall color is amazing and truly makes the images pop that much more.


**Photo taken from Potterybarn.com.  Please visit their site for amazing tips on creating a gallery wall.


So go get planning!  The options are endless.  And of course, to all my clients, I’d be glad to swing by your house and look at your wall to help you through the planning process.





**Photographers: If you’d like to share these gallery options on your own blog…please feel free by linking back to this post.  Thank you in advance.


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