{Get Me To Manual} Camera Class

Ladies, ladies, ladies…
You were all WAY TOO MUCH FUN!


I had my first Get Me To Manual Class on April 15th.  And it was everything I had hoped for!  It absolutely kills me that I have friends that have put out $800 on a camera, yet keep it on auto.  If you are going to do that, PLEASE, save yourself money and just get a point and shoot!  If you are going to have a fancy entry level DSLR camera (think Canon Rebel), please learn how to use it!  I am so proud of these ladies that were willing to venture into the unknown…the world of the “M”.  Yes, your camera has an “M” on it and that stands for Manual…and they ROCKED the “M”!~


Here are just a few photos of our fun day together!

Samples of Examples (I just like the way that rhymes…)

All the fun goodies!  And I’d like to give a huge SHOUT-OUT to MPIX, who was gracious enough to send coupons to all the attendees and a $25 Gift Certificate to one lucky participant.  I greatly appreciate your support…and for all of you that print your own photos, you need to check them out…it is the closest to a professional lab that you will ever get as a regular consumer.

And DOTS…why DOTS you might ask?!  Because they were my favorite candy to grab at the movies when I was younger!

And a huge thank you to the gorgeous Lea-Ann.  She graciously volunteered to be our model for the afternoon.  I wanted a model on hand so I could help the ladies with each of their cameras while they snapped away.

You were PERFECT Lea-Ann…Thank you so much.

Thank you ladies! Each and every one of you are amazing…and I feel so blessed to know you all!  Thank you for making my day!  I had so much fun being able to pass some of my knowledge on to you.

And I hope and pray you are able to always utilize those skills that you learned to capture some amazing photos of your children!

I’d love to have my next camera class up in the Monterey Bay area, possibly in the Fall.  If you are in the general Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, or Pacific Grove areas and are interested in learning your DSLR camera (the type of camera where you change your lens), please email me!!  I’d love to put you on a list and get things off the ground.

Happy Clicking ladies!


M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N