Get Out There and DO Something!

So I was on a walk this morning, and I felt an amazing sense of gratefulness.  Here I am…little me, walking just two blocks down to the water from my home (because let’s face it, most of PG is just 2 blocks from the water), and I get to walk the coastline with the seals and otters EVERY.MORNING.  This is one of the most gorgeous coastlines in the WORLD.  Let’s be real.  This is NOT how most of the world lives.

And then I started thinking of YOU.

I don’t know if you realize how truly blessed you are to live in this area; I know how easy it is to take it for granted that it will always be here…BUT IT WON’T.


Before you know it, you will be graduating and heading off to college…for all you know, you could be in the middle of Texas with the cutest cows you’ve ever seen!  And trust me, I’m NOT knocking Texas…

I love Texas…and what girl wouldn’t want to go to a University with all those polite and cute Texan boys

…but my point is, you’ll be in TEXAS.

You won’t be two blocks from the water.  You won’t have the option to see otters EVERY SINGLE DAY!  OTTERS!  Seriously!  Ask anyone that does not live here when the last time was they saw an otter!!  There is a good chance the only time they’ve seen one is on the National Geographic channel.

And while they are watching the NatGeo channel, YOU’RE LIVING THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LIFE!

So I’m challenging you…I’m challenging you to not ever take a single day here for granted.  Act like you will not live in this gorgeous area forever.  Because you may not!  College happens.  Life happens.  And my point is, it may not HAPPEN here.

So I’ve complied a list of ways you can appreciate living in the gorgeous place we all call home.  Grab a friend and get outside…and if you’re like my daughters, feel free while driving on the coast at night to roll your windows down and yell outside, “Goodnight seals!  Goodnight otters!”  Don’t take any of this for granted.

Love it. Embrace it. Live it…with a passion.

Ways To Embrace This Gorgeous Place We Call Home:

1. Do breakfast on the beach with your friends.  I know, you hate breakfast…right?!  Or you rarely look at your alarm clock before 11:30am on the weekends.  But have you seen the ocean in the morning?!  Just go to Starbucks already and get something for breakfast and take it to the beach!  ‘Nuff said.  Love reading?!  Make it a book club with your friends…but you meet on the beach!

2. Take a walk along the coastline…and you can swing by and grab a Pinkberry in Cannery Row as a reward!

3. Go whale watching.  You do realize we have year-round whale watching here, right?!  Go with your friends…it will be a blast!  You’ll probably even see a ton of dolphins.

4. Do a bike ride along the coast with your friends.  And if you don’t have a bike, mom or dad may have one you can borrow…I can’t imagine them saying no!  We have the perfect bike path along the coast.  And when I go, I always find an excuse to stop and eat at a restaurant I’ve never tried along the coast!

5. Do yoga on the beach.  lululemon Carmel offers a ton of complimentary community yoga and beach booty workout classes.  Follow their Facebook page for upcoming events.  Seriously…it’s YOGA, on the BEACH.  How cool is that?!

6. Try paddle boarding.  It’s a BLAST!  Here I am with my cousin…we saw little otters swimming around us and everything!  I’m not going to lie, the loud sea lions made us a little nervous.  But it was SO MUCH FUN!  And we only fell in once…and that was because we were trying yoga poses on the boards!  Get a little crazy!

7. Go kayaking!  You will have more laughs than you’d imagine!  TIP: It may be easier to go out of Monterey instead of Lover’s Point…keep in mind you will be paddling through kelp.  But on the bright side, that’s where otters love to hang out!

8. Sign up for a 5K along the coast!  Or if you’re real brave, sign up for the half marathon!  We have runs here all the time!

9. Have a bon-fire with friends on the beach in Carmel.  Can someone say Smores?!

10.  Make it a goal to make it ALL THE WAY down to the water 3 times a week.  I can tell you now, it’s just good for the soul!

Add these things to your Leap List!!!

And if you haven’t signed up…sign up already!

Be Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N