Globetrotter, Tessa.

Meet Tessa.  This girl is fearless.  And when I mean fearless, I mean she travels to France to study for the first half of her senior year and in the fall she will be attending the University of Jacobs in Bremen, Germany.  HELLO?!  That takes guts!!  I love how confident she was in her choice to study abroad and the confidence that oozes about her future.  And let’s face it, she has the uber-cool European vibe that we would all love to naturally possess!  And if for a second you ever doubted her fearlessness, when I asked her what would she do in life if she knew she would not fail, her answer was, “I just do whatever I want to do anyways; so I guess I’d do exactly what I’m doing now.”  You go girl!

In getting to know Tessa, she confirmed a belief.

Don’t be afraid to just go get what you want in this world!

If you want to jet-set to the other side of the world for school…DO IT.  They don’t have the saying YOLO for just any reason!  So what do you dream of?

Be a goal seeker.


A TV show she can’t live without?!  Big Bang Theory

Tessa is passionate about music, nature, and volunteering abroad.  She had the opportunity to teach children English while living in France!

At the University of Jacobs in Bremen, she plans to major in Environmental Studies and minor in either German or French.  This multilingual girl is super excited to live in Europe again!

Tessa, I’m so excited for your future adventures in Germany!  Have a blast visiting friends in France this summer and take advantage of every travel opportunity that comes your way!

Stay Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N