Goal Setting 101

Remember that time you wanted to conquer the world…

and then your dream dwindled into oblivion?!  If this happened, there is a good chance you had no plan written out.  But if you take the hopes and dreams you have, and set goals with tactics and strategies to get you there, more dreams will come true than you could ever imagine.  EVERYONE needs goals…I don’t care if you are a struggling high school student, or the first person that went to space!  EVERYONE needs goals in order to make yourself the best version of YOU.

We can’t just float along in the world expecting things to happen…

But without goals, that is exactly what you are doing.  It is amazing how focused you become, and how much you can accomplish, when you set goals.  Take responsibility of your future!  A goal is a dream set in motion.

What type of goals should I set?

I am always impressed by lululemon and their commitment to make the community a strong and cohesive unit focused on well-being.  When chatting with my friend Marina, from the Carmel lululemon Showroom, she was telling me about the amazing support this company gives it’s leaders to help them realize their goals.  They encourage everyone to set career, health, and personal goals.

GOAL TIP:  Write your goals out and keep your list where you have to stare at them daily!

lululemon not only empowers their employees to set goals, but the community as well!  When I went into the Showroom, they had these small posters (photo above) for all their customers on goal setting!  I encourage you to go to the showroom, try on some clothes that make you feel fabulous, and pick up your complimentary goal setting sheet!  You will even see the employee’s goals hanging around the showroom…how is THAT for accountability?!

What does it mean to have a goal?  And how do I accomplish it?

I have the most amazing business coach.  And when we were starting out, he explained the following concept to keep in mind when setting my goals…


A goal is a clear definition of an expected outcome.


Tactics and Strategies…

A strategy is…an idea of how the goal could be achieved.

A tactic is…in an action you take to execute the strategy.

For example…

Goal-I want to run two marathons this year

Strategy-Schedule both marathons within the same month since I will already be trained up

Tactics-Start my 12 week training program in October; run at minimum 3 times a week; do sprints once a week; run one long run a week, etc.

See the difference between each?  By backing your goals up with strategies and tactics, you are on the road towards making things happen in your life.  So when you list your goals out, it’s also a great idea to list your strategies and tactics of how you can accomplish each individual goal!


Goal Setting Checklist…

1. Write out goals for your career, health, and personal life–Be specific; don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

2. Write out the strategies and tactics to meet those goals.

3. Have a date you want to complete each by (this could be monthly, yearly, 5-year, or 10-year goals).

4. Hang them in a place you see everyday.

5. Read them weekly to make sure you are staying on path and utilizing the tactics and strategies you set in order to meet your goals.

6. Don’t be afraid to reassess your goals/strategies/and tactics!  You didn’t fail because you had to adjust something!  Sometimes, a minor adjustment can make a huge difference in meeting a goal.


Through goal setting, you are creating your “future self”…what does your ideal life look like and feel like.  And don’t be afraid to challenge yourself in the process; that is the fun part of goal setting!  Trust me, when I set out to run my first half marathon, THAT was a challenge…and it felt so good to meet that goal!

Two wonderful sites to get you thinking more about setting goals…




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