{Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss}

This week at school for my girls, in honor of Dr. Seuss, they have been participating in a Read Across America program. Well today’s fun activity for Read Across America was to dress as your favorite book character.  There was such excitement this morning when they woke up…I heard my youngest at the crack of dawn running into the playroom to pull out her cat costume.  I thought I’d share the fun with you since the girls were so excited…Drumroll please…

Introducing, Junie B. Jones…Boss of Lunch, we have Little Miss Sunshine!

In this image, we have her standing next to the project she just did on her “Special Person”…she chose her Grammy. And I love how she wrote that Grammy is a “fashionista”…she could only be my daughter!

She also pieced this outfit all together herself. And it is hard to tell in the photograph, but her turtleneck shirt has small flowers all over it…she insisted on wearing this shirt just like Junie B! And she sweet-talked mama into allowing her to wear mommy’s Anthropologie apron to school. I was afraid I would throw-up if I saw finger paints on the apron when I picked her up…but you only live once, and it’s only an apron…so she was ecstatic when mommy gave her the “go-ahead”!

You did well Sunshine, you did well.

And next, we have Splat the Cat…our Itsy Bitsy…

Ironically, I find a striking similarity between the book cover and her first photograph.  And I did not know about that book cover at the time of taking the photo!

I’m telling you, this kid has playing a character DOWN at 5 years old.  It’s honestly a bit unreal!  I’m thinking a future Oscar winner?!?!

I hope this puts a smile on your faces!  Enjoy your weekend…and this is an official record, I blogged EVERY DAY this week! ::whoop whoop::

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N