{Home Sweet Home} Fort Irwin Photographer

As some of you may know, I live in a very unique place.  Actually, I am currently sitting in 45-50mph winds, and I just heard it’s gusting up to 65mph.  Ironically, this is sort of “normal” for our location!  This blog post will shock some of my friends.  I’m always telling them how “remote” it is, but I honestly think they are assuming I am exaggerating greatly.  I mean, how remote can someone really live???  Oh baby, you are about to find out!

Last Spring I was waiting for the most perfect clouds because I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish when they came out!  And then that day came!  So I called my friend Gray up and said, “Girl, you want to go with me while I get some pictures of post?!”  And she is always game for an adventure, so off we went.  I wanted to capture some gorgeous images of our base…our home.

These images are available in greeting cards (packs of 6) and are also available as custom farewell gifts.  The farewell gifts are my favorite…as you will see at the bottom of this post, you may pick any image of your liking, and I will digitally mat it and print it as an 11×14.  With the flush digital mat, everyone can sign around the image with their farewell wishes for the individual that will be kissing the coyote (more on that in a minute…I just sparked your interest, didn’t I?!)

I will give you all that don’t live here at lovely Fort Irwin some background before we get to the images…Fort Irwin is known as the National Training Center (NTC) for our military.  Most units rotate through here and train before they deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan.  The surrounding terrain and extreme weather conditions, in addition to the extraordinary efforts of the soldiers stationed here, provide an amazing exercise opportunity for units before a deployment.  If you ever watch the National Geographic Channel, you may have even seen the special titled, Full Battle Rattle, that was filmed here at Fort Irwin about the training that is provided for our military here in the Mojave.

So let’s get on to the images!

First up…this is known as Painted Rock.  Basically, every unit that travels through Fort Irwin for training is able to paint their unit crest on a rock in memory of their time training here at Fort Irwin as a unit…to Fort Irwin residents, it is a sign that you have almost made it home after traveling for 35 miles on a no-service road!!!  Can I get an AMEN?!

And yes…this is lovely Fort Irwin Road.  This is the road that leads to my home…no joke.  You probably just accidentally spit your morning coffee all over your keyboard.  So the next time you want to just run to Target real quick…yeah, think of me…this is the road we have to take to get anywhere…and Target is over an hour away!  This particular stretch of the road is known as the “10 mile stretch”.

And this is another angle of the Painted Rocks. Thank you Gray for pointing this side of the rocks out…because I think it looks awesome!

Okay…now back to the comment about kissing the coyote. See, all of us that live out here have to have a bit of a sense of humor. So this is the coyote that sits at our gate (and he looks really pretty compared to the coyotes we see run in front of our house…keep your small pets inside)! Legend has it, that when you permanently move away from Fort Irwin (PCS), if you kiss the coyote, you will not return. If you DON’T, chances are, the good ‘ole Army will be sending you back to Fort Irwin. Needless to say, I will be giving this coyote the biggest kiss he has EVER seen! My kids actually CRY when I tell them I’m going to kiss the coyote. So I have to be sensitive to their feelings when we discuss “kissing the coyote” when we move! They want to come back…oh, to view the world from a child’s eyes!

And a view of the gorgeous Tiefort mountain. The sunrise over this mountain is always gorgeous in the morning…my morning routine when I wake up is to peek out of my blinds to catch a glimpse of the sun coming up.

There is nothing like a desert sunrise.

Below is a sample of the farewell gifts that I offer.  10 Mile Stretch seems to be the most popular image for a farewell gift…and it looks gorgeous in person.

As crazy as this whole experience has been living here in the Mojave, I have to say the people here are amazing and make the experience what it really is. My friends have been the key element in making this assignment for us as special as it has been. THANK YOU!


M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N