What I’ve Learned in Italy My First Week.

So I’ve now been in Italy for my full first week…actually, this Sunday, I hit the two week mark!  My brain is on overload and stimulation overdrive ALL.THE.TIME.  But it’s awesome!!!  I love taking in all this new knowledge and learning about my new “home”.  So I thought I’d compile a list of some fun facts for you…Check this out:

Fun Facts I’ve Learned During My First Week in Italy:

  1. Wine costs the same as a bottle of water.  No joke.
  2. Italians don’t wear flip flops.  You can spot an American immediately!  They wear sandals! 😉  Flip flops are for the beach.
  3. Sprite does not taste like Sprite here.  And my daughter says Fanta doesn’t taste like Fanta either!
  4. We have the most GORGEOUS puffy clouds…EVERY DAY.  They build up against the mountains…just one upside to living near the alps.  (Proof: Photo above!  This is the Villa Valmarana.)
  5. School bus drivers wear dress shirts and ties…and the school buses, well, they are rock star tour buses.  Serious!  We are talking air conditioning, fabric upholstered seats, and pull down trays!
  6. I am now fully prepared when I walk in a public bathroom to possibly see a hole in the ground I’m expected to pee in.
  7. They sell mini-pizzas at McDonalds.
  8. Monday Night Football is “Tuesday Morning Football” to us…that’s what a 9 hour difference does!
  9. All of you walking around with a Starbucks drink look like you are walking around with a Big Gulp!  Italians don’t do coffee the same way.  They come in very small sizes…and only cost 1-1.50 Euro.
  10. I saved the best for last…I hate to break it to you, but you all are being ripped off with your cell phone providers!  My husband and I set up our cell service and have virtually the same plan and paid up front for 6 months…and it cost LESS than a one month bill for us in the States.

Stay Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N