What Living in a Hotel Has Taught Me…

Home for the month…

This week, we hit the one month mark of living in a hotel before our flight over to Italy.  Allllllll of our household goods are on a boat somewhere in the Pacific Ocean headed down towards the Panama Canal to make its way over to Italy!  And here we sit…with 3 suitcases to be exact, a pile of books, a laptop, and some camera equipment!  Living in a hotel has taught me a few things:

1. Housekeeping is pretty darn cool.  I haven’t made a bed in a month.  And I love our housekeeper so much, I surprise her with random Starbucks.

2. Eating out for EVERY MEAL is so overrated.  Seriously.  I’m not hungry half the time and the other half of the time I’m trying to figure out how to eat healthy in this mess of a situation!

3. I officially NEVER want to be a rock star.  My own bed and cooking in my own kitchen actually sounds appealing (NEVER thought I’d say that about the cooking part)!

4. There is an adjustment curve with hotel pillows…after Day 4, the morning kinks in your neck go away!

5. Green Shakes at Whole Foods are AWESOMEEEEE!  And we now consider Whole Foods a “restaurant” we frequent.

6. 4-Poster beds scare me.  Seriously.  You wake up in the middle of the night and you see a shadow of the poster-bed with the moonlight flooding in the room and you automatically think someone is standing at the end of your bed watching you sleep!  Creepy…just sayin’!

7. Adjusting the temperature for the shower water in a hotel can be close to rocket science!  You have to get the knobs just right or you will be shaving goosebumps or scald yourself with hot water.

8. I’ve never read so many books.  Last night I was reading Hopeless and forced myself to put it down at 1:15am…where I continued to stir in bed, contemplating picking up the book to read more until 2am.

9. My cousin and I actually discussed crashing a wedding here at the hotel.  We had a whole story lined up and everything.  It could have possibly been the most rebellious thing I’ve ever done…but of course I could never pull that off, I’d be way too chicken.

10. Peacocks are LOUD…trust me.  One lives here on the property and he loves to be vocal at night.  He’s currently our “pet”…we’ve named him Herrman.

With all of the “not-so-fun-ness” of living in a hotel, I know that as soon as I have my first meal in Italy and have my first chance to hear someone speak ANYTHING to me in Italian, it will make it all worth it! OH, and when I get my bed back! 😉 xo

Be Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N