I LOVE ME Campaign:: CHS and PGHS Cheer

Last weekend was a BIG football weekend for the Monterey Peninsula! It was the annual Shoe Game…Pacific Grove HS vs Carmel HS.  I was so excited when the Carmel cheer coach contacted me the week of the game with a brilliant idea…let’s bring the I LOVE ME campaign to the Shoe Game! So both cheer teams, from CHS and PGHS, gathered TOGETHER before the big rival game to hear my message about not just loving themselves, but embracing it…FEARLESSLY.  I was also able to chat with the girls about the unrealistic standards of beauty we are bombarded with in the magazines.  Because let’s face it…


…and we all know that embracing your brains and beauty is way more gorgeous than JUST being a pretty face.  Can I get an AMEN?!

My favorite part was photographing each girl individually as they declared the things they love about themselves!  You will love the photos…I’m incredibly proud of them for being heroic and setting a positive example to girls all over that you should fearlessly love yourself.

When you publicly declare the things you love most about yourself, it’s harder for someone to take that away from you.

It’s yours.  You own it.  And you will protect it.

Thank you girls for being the example of what living fearlessly is.  And never forget, you are beautiful…and your smiles, simply AMAZING.

Stay Fearless,





P.S.- CONGRATS to Carmel…they own the Shoe!! 😉  It was a Padre win at home this year!

To sign your girl’s team or club up for the I LOVE ME campaign, go here!

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