I Love Me Campaign.

Those of you on my newsletter list got a heads-up on this campaign launch last night!  I’m super excited visit some local high schools and spread my message.


The ‘I Love Me’ Campaign!


Through my I Love Me campaign, I visit local high school girls at sports practices, club meetings, or cheer/dance practices and capture your fearlessness! I will share briefly with you girls the importance of loving your uniqueness. Then, I will photograph each of you holding a chalkboard, where you will write the ONE thing you love most about yourself!


EVERYONE, deep down inside,

has one thing they love most about themselves.


Once you publicly declare it…

it’s harder for someone to take it away from you!


Teams will be featured in a blog post with their photos, setting an example to other teens to not listen to what the media has to say about beauty, but to embrace your OWN version of beautiful.

I’d love for your team or club to be a part of this campaign!!  Have your coaches and teachers email me at info@michelleocampophotography.com for more details!


Set the example…be the girl that is fearless about embracing what makes YOU unique!



Be Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N