[lululemon] Carmel, CA Ambassadors

lululemon…where do I begin?!

I was incredibly honored when asked to photograph the ambassador photos for the new showroom in downtown Carmel.  I have always been a lululemon fan…I remember the first time I saw their clothing–I think I drooled.  Going into this experience, I was a big lululemon fan.  After this experience, I’m their number one fan (yes, I am cuddled up at my computer wearing my lulu at this very moment).

lululemon is such an amazing brand to work with…a brand that promotes healthy living and a strong sense of community by creating community legacies.  And don’t even get me started on their employees…the friendliest individuals, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  Marina, Jenna, and Sterling…you were all so incredibly wonderful to work with.  Marina…your personality exudes leadership, and I’m so grateful our paths have crossed.  I can’t wait to work with you again in the future.  Jenna, you just MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.  The way you seamlessly got things rolling for our shoot was incredible.  Thank you for your hard work in coordinating everyone to make this happen.  And Sterling…I had so much fun with you and the ambassadors down at the beach.  Your personality uplifts everyone you are around.  You put an instant smile on my face, and with your quick wit, you had me laughing a majority of the time–I think we fed well off each other’s humor!  Then there are the lululemon ambassadors…such inspiring women from our community promoting healthy lifestyles and carrying forward the lululemon mission.

During a really dreary week, the sun peeked through the clouds and blessed us with wonderful weather the day of our shoot.  We met down at the end of Ocean for a day of showing off the ambassador’s personalities through their  photographs and making new friends.  I think I had a smile on my face constantly while meeting all these lovely ladies.  And you’ll see why…


Presenting the Carmel lululemon Ambassadors…


 Kimberly (Kimbe) of Yoga Center of Carmel


And YOU…(tap, tap, tap) the one behind the computer…read the following and really listen to her amazing insight; seriously, amazing advice.  I love the very first sentence and want to remind myself of it every day when I roll out of bed.  Thank you for the amazing words that you share with us Kimberly.

“Dear 17 year old self:  

Each Day is a Blank Slate, What do you want to fill it with.   Notice how you spend your time.  Notice where your joy comes from, where your heart & your body light up.  Intend more of that.  There will be set backs, two steps forward, one step back possibly.  Keep the dreams alive.  Thoughts become things.  Keep them focused on the intentions.  What we give, we get.  Give, Receive and circulate wealth, love, kisses & hugs, prayers and chocolate.  :) May help to think in thirds, one third about you, one third about others and one third for future intentions.  That can include any dollars you may have earned, one third for you to spend on you, one third to spend on another and one third in bank for future intentions.  To a Happy You!  Love.  BE.”



Our next ambassador we have is Michael of Monterey Yoga Shala…I love this image so much.  It just EXUDES confidence and a peace with her “self”.


And below, we have the adorable Mia, owner of Studio-Mia.

I seriously wish we were neighbors…I really enjoyed my time with you Mia.  She is now offering paddleboard yoga…SERIOUSLY?!  How cool is that?!  I honestly think I need to sign up.  Here are some photos of her paddleboard yoga class.  I can only imagine that must be the ultimate core workout.


Sarah an instructor and owner of Om Oasis Yoga
She is so incredibly sweet…I know “sweet” can be a word that is overused. But I promise you, the kindness and warmness of her soul defines it. There.is.no.way.she.has.one.enemy.   She is the type of person we should all strive harder to be like.


Our next ambassador is Brie.  She is an instructor at Yoga Center of Carmel  AND the founder of Love the Skin Your In. Phenomenal…and inspiring.  If you battle demons in your head about body image (this means I’m talking to at least 70% of you) go to Love the Skin Your In.  Read through the amazing journey she has embarked on and the inspiring lessons she is teaching girls all around the world.

fully feeling what may otherwise hold you back and leaping despite.  It is resting in knowing.  
It is surrendering the thoughts one at a time to reveal the sparkling just beneath.  
It is love as a verb.”


Our next inspiring ambassador is Tesia of Carmel Pilates…her smile and laugh are contagious! I mean, can you not tell by the photo alone?!

Tesia was able to rehabilitate injuries through Pilates which made her a firm believer in the practice.  The results have inspired her to educate others.


And our last ambassador is Christianna.  She coordinates the 7am Run Club for lululemon of Carmel and is also a certified personal trainer.  Good luck in your TWO FULL MARATHONS around the corner.  And I hope to see you in a few weeks at the Big Sur Marathon…although, I’m only half crazy! (all of you runners out there will understand that comment) 😉

What an amazing experience and an inspiring one.  Ladies…you are incredible.  You are a true example of a fearless woman.  Our time together was an absolute pleasure, and I look forward to photographing you all again.

And for those of you that are inspired and want to come work out with some of these amazing people, join lululemon Carmel on the beach this Saturday for some Beach Bootie Camp at 9am.  It’s the perfect way to kick off your weekend…I hope to be there myself!  And if you can’t make the Beach Bootie Camp, stop by their new location.  The showroom is on Dolores St. in downtown Carmel between 5th and 6th.  I’m pretty positive it will put a smile on your face!



M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N