[Makeup Artist Extraordinaire] Anathea of Oya Salon

Meet Anathea. She is an amazing talent that I have the pleasure of working with. Anathea is the makeup artist I work with exclusively for my sessions. She always does an amazing job with the makeup on all of my Seniors…it’s never to heavy and she knows the best tricks to accentuate your natural beauty. Every girl should have the experience of having her makeup done professionally…it not only is a big confidence booster, but you are also “camera-ready”.  Makeup and photography like to play tricks with one another; it’s amazing how photographs like to wash makeup out (so don’t be alarmed if it’s a little “more” than you would regularly do on yourself), how bronzer can appear to be a bruise in photography if used the wrong way, or how shimmery makeup may make the light look a bit funky in photos. Anathea knows how to work her magic and make you look like the best version of YOU on your photo day!

Let’s get to know this Big Sur native a bit more! And you won’t be disappointed…she gives some killer makeup tips for all of you girls out there!  Anathea has been a makeup artist professionally for three years now, although her love for the craft extends much further back than that!  She attended the Makeup Institute of San Francisco when it was still located in downtown Union Square (how cool is that?!)…from Big Sur to the big city, watch out!  Now you can find her at the ultra-cool Oya Salon, voted the best salon in Monterey County in 2011!  And for you Fearless Girls and those of you that are applying right now to be an IT Girl, Anathea and I have some fun plans in store for you!  (Ah-hem…get on it and nominate your friends to be a Fearless Girl and get those applications in for the Class of 2013 IT Girls…you won’t want to miss the event).

Lets start out with some fun questions to get to know her…and then we will get to the amazing tips! What is the greatest song ever written?

There is no way I can fairly answer this question, There are so many greats!  But I will say this…”Music is what feelings sound like.” -Anonymous

(Love that quote, Anathea)

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

-To fly, but of course!

What is your favorite thing about makeup artistry?

-This is a tough question…There are so many things..I have such a passion for this artistry. It would have to be the combination of making the client feel beautiful while being able to express myself creatively.

(Here is Anathea in action for some of our sessions at Oya Salon and on-location.)

What is your favorite makeup tip?

-Step outside of your comfort zone.  Try a fun red lip!  NEVER try to mask or hide what you have.  If you have freckles, compliment them with a dab of peachy blush.  Got big blue eyes?  Try a coppery shadow to really make them pop.  Embrace your features and have fun with them!  Also..Maintaining your brows can be very important.  Never underestimate the power of a groomed brow; they can make your face look fresh and well polished, very important!

Matte or shimmery makeup, and why?!

-Both!  They are beautiful in their own ways.  Each brings something different to the look.  I love dabbing just a bit of highlighter on the cheekbones and above the brow bone for that dewy-glow-from-within look.
If your skin is feeling dull or lackluster this tip always delivers.  A Matte foundation gives that look of porcelain skin that is always timeless.  Also, when I do makeup that will be photographed, I always stick with matte shadows, shimmery or metallic shadows can cast unwanted light in photos.

Finish the following prompt…”Dear 17-year old self,”

-Be present in these moments, time flies by much quicker than I ever would have imagined.  Life is truly about the journey and not the destination.

THANK YOU Anathea; thank you for all your hard work, my clients and I appreciate it more than you really know.  And thank you for sharing your expertise with us on the blog. 
Your talent is continually helping me in my mission to show these girls how truly beautiful they are and empowering them to fearlessly embrace their own version of beautiful.
Can’t wait for next time!
M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N