{My Favorite Things…}

So I’ve made it a bit of tradition to do my favorite things list each year for my blog…if Oprah can do it, why can’t I?!  So here are a few fun things that I have my eye on, or that I love to the point where I think everyone should have it!

The iPad has officially revolutionized my life.  ‘Nuff said.  And beware if you decide to download Angry Birds to waste some time…you will become addicted to catapulting birds…I actually have to pull my iPod away from my kids for my turn!  And on a serious note, it has been a fabulous tool for work.  And it looks pretty, so there!

And if you do own an iPad, you will have to please share your favorite application with me in the comments.  I just got mine a couple weeks ago, so I’m new to the iPad apps scene!

When I heard this announcement, I called my husband and told him all I want for Christmas is 2 tickets to this…

You all know I have a soft-spot for NKOTB; they were my childhood crush. Seriously, I need my 2011 NKOTB fix. And together on stage with Backstreet Boys should be fun. And for the record, the hubby has the second ticket…he has no idea what kind of fun is in store for him! HA!

And this fabulous Le Creuset Teakettle from Williams-Sonoma is enough to make anyone want to make a perfect cup of tea!  I love funky colors…and this would look fab on a stove-top, don’t you agree?!

And this mirror…Oh my, the possibilities!  The Mongstad Mirror from Ikea looks fabulous in person.  The photo online doesn’t do any justice.  And for only $99, you can’t beat it!  I’d love to hang this gorgeous piece somewhere in our home.

And this little gem has been sitting on my Amazon Wishlist for over a year now…I really need to just bite the bullet and grab it. It’s the amazing Fujifilm Instax MINI…the next best thing to Polaroids!

And the last thing on my list is my “Go Big or Go Home” item!  If Oprah can give away cars, I can put a cruise on my list!!  Our family took our first Disney Cruise this last year and it was by far the best family vacation we have ever taken.  You can read my review here.  There is a ton for both children and adults to do on this magical oasis of the Ocean.  If you really want to treat your family to something magical, and memories that will last a lifetime, DO IT.  Book it and you will not regret it.  And for my military followers, there is a military discount!!

*Photos taken from their respective websites.

So have fun with all of your Cyber Monday shopping.  And in case you missed it on my Facebook Fan Page, Amazon is offering Lightroom 3 for a whopping $149.99 TODAY ONLY!  I don’t know what I would do without Lightroom.  It’s A.MAZ.ING.  So don’t let that deal pass you by!

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N