{My One Front Tooth}

It happened…my Little Miss Sunshine lost her front tooth.  I told her we had to do some pictures so we always remember her missing her front tooth.  So yesterday morning, I told her we should really try to get some pictures in the evening.  Well after a full day of Costco and Target (that is a full-day adventure where I live…no joke), I figured she forgot.  But when we got home, she raced upstairs and got all ready for her session.  I told her we were going to take the pictures out near the horse stables on our base.  So she decided to dress accordingly!  She ran down with her shirt that says “Clothes Horse” and her cowgirl hat (that is probably on it’s 5th life after living in the “dress up clothes” bin!  But that is what she wanted to wear…so be it!  I think she did a great job…I mean, what parent doesn’t think their kid is adorable, right?!

So here are some quick pictures we grabbed last night.   The sun had just set as we were pulling up, so it was perfect.  And of course, my little Itsy Bitsy had to jump out of the car so she could have her moment of glory in front of my camera with her sister…enjoy!

And guess what…the other front tooth is loose!  I’m praying she loses that one before the other tooth comes in…if so, we are off to Peggy Sue’s for a photo shoot drinking a milkshake with a perfect spot to put her straw!

Much love xoxo,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N