How Much Skin is Just Right?

Let’s face it…in this day and age where there is skin EVERYWHERE around us, I can see how there are mixed messages that THAT is beautiful.  But there is still something to be said for keeping a little to the imagination!  So I’m going to reveal the perfect formula!

Tessa pulled off my secret formula perfectly…and here is the secret.

If you want to wear short shorts, cover up on top. 

And if you want to show a little more skin on top, cover up on the bottom. 

Now, I’m NOT saying wear a turtle neck and skirt to your ankles (although your parents may like that idea)!  The problem is, when you go short on the bottom and short on top, YIKES!!!!  Showing too much girls!  And you instantly lose the classy factor!

And let’s face it, keeping it classy is beautiful.

It shows you love yourself enough to respect your body.  There is nothing wrong with keeping a little somethin’ somethin’ to the imagination nowadays! Not to mention, the good catches out there will respect you for YOUR self-respect. 😉   Enjoy the tip!

Stay Fearless,




What Living in a Hotel Has Taught Me…

Home for the month…

This week, we hit the one month mark of living in a hotel before our flight over to Italy.  Allllllll of our household goods are on a boat somewhere in the Pacific Ocean headed down towards the Panama Canal to make its way over to Italy!  And here we sit…with 3 suitcases to be exact, a pile of books, a laptop, and some camera equipment!  Living in a hotel has taught me a few things:

1. Housekeeping is pretty darn cool.  I haven’t made a bed in a month.  And I love our housekeeper so much, I surprise her with random Starbucks.

2. Eating out for EVERY MEAL is so overrated.  Seriously.  I’m not hungry half the time and the other half of the time I’m trying to figure out how to eat healthy in this mess of a situation!

3. I officially NEVER want to be a rock star.  My own bed and cooking in my own kitchen actually sounds appealing (NEVER thought I’d say that about the cooking part)!

4. There is an adjustment curve with hotel pillows…after Day 4, the morning kinks in your neck go away!

5. Green Shakes at Whole Foods are AWESOMEEEEE!  And we now consider Whole Foods a “restaurant” we frequent.

6. 4-Poster beds scare me.  Seriously.  You wake up in the middle of the night and you see a shadow of the poster-bed with the moonlight flooding in the room and you automatically think someone is standing at the end of your bed watching you sleep!  Creepy…just sayin’!

7. Adjusting the temperature for the shower water in a hotel can be close to rocket science!  You have to get the knobs just right or you will be shaving goosebumps or scald yourself with hot water.

8. I’ve never read so many books.  Last night I was reading Hopeless and forced myself to put it down at 1:15am…where I continued to stir in bed, contemplating picking up the book to read more until 2am.

9. My cousin and I actually discussed crashing a wedding here at the hotel.  We had a whole story lined up and everything.  It could have possibly been the most rebellious thing I’ve ever done…but of course I could never pull that off, I’d be way too chicken.

10. Peacocks are LOUD…trust me.  One lives here on the property and he loves to be vocal at night.  He’s currently our “pet”…we’ve named him Herrman.

With all of the “not-so-fun-ness” of living in a hotel, I know that as soon as I have my first meal in Italy and have my first chance to hear someone speak ANYTHING to me in Italian, it will make it all worth it! OH, and when I get my bed back! 😉 xo

Be Fearless,

Globetrotter, Tessa.

Meet Tessa.  This girl is fearless.  And when I mean fearless, I mean she travels to France to study for the first half of her senior year and in the fall she will be attending the University of Jacobs in Bremen, Germany.  HELLO?!  That takes guts!!  I love how confident she was in her choice to study abroad and the confidence that oozes about her future.  And let’s face it, she has the uber-cool European vibe that we would all love to naturally possess!  And if for a second you ever doubted her fearlessness, when I asked her what would she do in life if she knew she would not fail, her answer was, “I just do whatever I want to do anyways; so I guess I’d do exactly what I’m doing now.”  You go girl!

In getting to know Tessa, she confirmed a belief.

Don’t be afraid to just go get what you want in this world!

If you want to jet-set to the other side of the world for school…DO IT.  They don’t have the saying YOLO for just any reason!  So what do you dream of?

Be a goal seeker.


A TV show she can’t live without?!  Big Bang Theory

Tessa is passionate about music, nature, and volunteering abroad.  She had the opportunity to teach children English while living in France!

At the University of Jacobs in Bremen, she plans to major in Environmental Studies and minor in either German or French.  This multilingual girl is super excited to live in Europe again!

Tessa, I’m so excited for your future adventures in Germany!  Have a blast visiting friends in France this summer and take advantage of every travel opportunity that comes your way!

Stay Fearless,

College Survival Guide

I’m super excited to announce the release of an e-book!  My interns and I wrote this book JUST for you girls!  I wanted to create a guide to answer all your burning questions about heading off to college…and we definitely accomplished this!  This 28 page e-book includes tips on creating an easy transition into dorm life, big sis advice about parties, how to deal with professors, how to save money on books so you can buy more clothes, and more!    It will be the perfect read this summer…

This book is available exclusively to my clients!

Like I said, it was made JUST FOR YOU!  It will be emailed out to you all you smart girls at the end of the week…so check those inboxes!  And please let us know how you like it!!

Stay Fearless,

The Night I Partied with NKOTB

Can I just start by saying how awesome it is to be an adult?!

So most of you know about my love for the New Kids on the Block.  My love for them started back when I was 12 years old.  I had posters splashed across my room, and I clearly remember trips to Target and running to the magazine section to find the latest BOP and Tiger Beat magazines to find the latest photos of these 5 fabulous boys from Boston.

I may have been slightly convinced one would want to marry me one day!

But so was every other girl in America, and arguably the world!

Then in 8th grade, the moment every 13-year old girl dreamt of happened.  Concert tickets were being released.  THIS.WAS.IT.  If I could just find a way to convince my parents to let me go to this concert with a friend and her mom.  I had never been to a concert before.  I worked my BUTT off around our house the day before tickets were being released to earn the last bit of money I needed to buy a ticket.  I didn’t care how many chores around the house I had to do if it was going to get me into the same venue with the New Kids.

It was around 1am on a Saturday morning when my friend and her mom picked me up and we drove down to a Penguin’s Frozen Yogurt shop to wait outside in line ALL.NIGHT.LONG.  Yes, I’m totally going to sound ancient, but that is how Ticketmaster worked in the days pre-“everyone has internet”.  They would list off Ticketmaster locations and you had to be there in line when tickets were released.  At 10am the doors would open and they had a computer inside to start selling tickets.  We were only 3rd in line, as we sat there pathetically against a rough concrete wall, continually asking each other what time it was…10 am could not get there fast enough.

Clearly I had hopes of being slightly close to the stage, like every other girl in Southern California, I mean…this was my childhood dream we were talking about!  After waiting all night long, we made it into the store when the doors opened. I remember butterflies in my stomach while waiting to get those tickets in my little hands.  This was clearly my largest problem in life at the time.

We were third in line at that Ticketmaster location and we got


Yes, the equivalent to nosebleeds….we are talking about the grass they throw in as an afterthought behind the seats of the Universal Amphitheater.  But hey, it could have been worse…I could have had no tickets at all!  Their concert sold out in mere minutes…and third in line meant LAWN SEATS!

The concert was as amazing as it could be from the lawn seats…but let’s face it, when you’re that far away you are pretty much watching the concert on the screens like it’s a glorified TV!

But this past weekend was a totally different experience.

This past weekend, I flew out to Washington D.C. to see their concert!  Why?  Because why not?!  (Isn’t being an adult awesome?!)  I spent an amazing weekend visiting my husband and roaming around our nation’s capitol.  And yes, I made him go to the concert with me–he loves me THAT much!

This time around, I was on the computer the moment tickets were released…and I wasn’t messing around with nosebleed seats.  I wanted to watch THEM, not the screens.   I was down on the floor in the 4th row.  But when you’re on the floor, you have the luxury of just working your way over to the barricade…and that is when this happened…

This is the 13-year old inside of me, going totally fangirl for 5 seconds…THEY.TOUCHED.ME. Lol!!!!  I know…it sounds so ridiculous, but I really don’t care.

This moment is for the 13-year old girl inside of me that

sat in the lawn seats.


And guess what?!  The night only got better…here are some photos that my husband snapped while I was singing Cover Girl and Please Don’t Go Girl at the top of my lungs…



So then that dreaded moment happens when you are at a concert…the finale is over, the act disappears, the house lights come on, and you see the aftermath of one amazing party that brought you instantly back to your childhood.


 At this moment, you may think the night is over, but not tonight!

My night was JUST starting!


This lucky girl was able to attend the after party at the venue WITH the New Kids on the Block!  So when the concert was over, we headed up to the Acela club for a photo op and party. DJ Stubbs was fabulous and the party was hosted by THE Donnie Wahlberg. 😉


We danced and I sang at the top of my lungs with everyone until 2am.  My husband just kept smiling and laughing at me and the chaos that ensues when you’re in a room full of 30-year old women partying with the New Kids on the Block!  Here is a look into my night with NKOTB…

This photo is dedicated to my sister…the Jordan Knight fan in the family!

And wait for it…wait for it!!!!

My favorite blurry photo EVER….here I am with Donnie.  I’m pretty much convinced my husband made the photo blurry on purpose because he knew I’d be framing this thing for my desk! 😉


Here’s a video for you of the toast at the after party…



So I guess this means I can officially check off the item on my bucket list that reads, “Meet the New Kids on the Block.”  Actually, I’m thinking of reworking that item…Danny Wood, if you are reading this, I want to photograph your daughters’ senior photos.  Deal?! 😉

To the New Kids, thank you for going out of your way to have so much interaction with your fans.  We are so grateful for the things you sacrifice personally to make us a huge part of your lives.  Let’s keep this going and grow old together. xo

Hangin’ Tough,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N