Prom Tips:: What to Do After Prom?!

OMG. Yes, that’s me.  We were recently going through a box in the garage, and I found my prom picture.  It’s hard to believe that is me, actually.  When I look at the photo I can tell it was obviously from my pre-eyebrow waxing days!

Fun Facts About MY Prom:

  • I only went to one prom…my senior year.  Don’t even ask about junior year…I broke it off with him before we even made it to prom!  And yes, the tickets were already purchased.  But I went with my gut, and I don’t regret it–if something is done, it’s done!
  • I went to my senior prom with my boyfriend; I dated him my entire senior year.
  • My husband and I went to the same high school.  Ironically, I remember seeing him there!  He was doing a train through the dance floor with his friends!  Little did we know what the future would hold.  And no, we were never high school sweethearts (which I’m sort of bummed about because he had a pretty sweet Letterman jacket that would have been fun to wear)!  But I think it’s hilarious that I have that ONE memory of him from prom…being the goofball that he can still be to this day.
  • Prom was held at the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego.  Another ironic fact, that is where my mom went to HER one and only prom!  What are the chances, right?!
  • We went to dinner on Coronado Island…I think…or was it Point Loma?! lol  It was a Chart House.
  • Last minute, I ended up having second thoughts about my hair and ripped out the up-do I had.  I ended up wearing it down with the sides pulled up–it felt more “me”.
  • The dress I wore to prom was actually the dress I wore on my first date with my husband.
  • AND…Our after prom festivities were a bust.  We planned to go to Denny’s, and it was closed.  WHEN IS DENNY’S CLOSED?!  And THIS is why the focus of this blog post in the prom series is about…

What in the world do we do after prom?!

There are a ton of things you can do after prom…things that are smart choices…and that the parents would approve of!  Here are some tips!

  • Go out to an after-prom dinner!  Just take my advice when I say plan ahead to make sure they are open.  But seriously, what Denny’s isn’t open 24/7?!  And go as a group…it is always so much fun to compare notes on the events of the evening!
  • Sleepover with your girlfriends!  Trust me…this might be some of the most amazing conversation you have with your friends…chat into the wee hours of the morning and laugh the night away.
  • Movie Night!  Go to a friend’s house and have a movie marathon.
  • Can someone say COSMIC BOWLING?!  Sounds like a blast to me!  Just be careful if you get your nails done for the prom! 😉
  • Casino Night at your house!  Have the parents set up a fun casino for you and your friends…they can be the dealers!
  • Some schools have a lock-in on prom night…THIS sounds like a blast!  Typically schools go all-out when they have a lock-in; it will probably be more fun than you expected!

Limited Edition Prom Sessions!

Don’t forget!  Limited Edition Prom Sessions were announced recently!  Head over to the blog post and find out how you can have your own photo shoot with your friends on prom night!!!  Rock your dress, get glammed up, and have a blast with your friends!

Stay Fearless,

P.S.- Honor curfew. Otherwise, you will be ruining your weekends for a good month! And yes…I had a curfew! I’m pretty sure I begged, pleaded, and did extra chores around the house for an extra hour though!


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Want to Be an Innovator, Entrepreneur and Work in a Pretty Amazing Culture?!

I know…you’ve probably been asking yourself the BIG question that is looming over you as graduation approaches…What do I want to be when I grow up?!


Well, I saw this video and thought it was definitely worth passing along to you!  Do you want to be an innovator, an entrepreneur, and/or work in a pretty amazing work climate?!  Check this out…learning some coding skills never hurts anyone and is proven to be a pretty useful tool to have!  I remember my coding class in college…I have to say, it’s a little akin to learning a foreign language, but once you learn it, you are GOLDEN!


Check this video out, put together by some of the most inspirational innovators of our time!  Not to mention, watching this video makes me chuckle…the smart kids get the last laugh! 😉


Stay Fearless,

Prom Tips:: Dinner and Pictures

We chatted about how to find the perfect dress in last week’s Prom Blog Series.  Now it’s time to chat about dinner before hand and pictures!  Because let’s face it, the best part is pictures with your friends!  😉

Prom Dinner Ideas::

  • Lucia, in the above photo (center), had a wonderful recommendation.  She suggests having dinner at someone’s house!  It is WAY less stressful.  No more stress at the restaurant wondering if you will be seated in time…even though you have reservations.  You can’t be too late to your own prom!
  • Have it catered in.  It’s not as expensive as you’d think!
  • Do a potluck!  Pick the easiest house to do it at…where you will have room for all your friends.  I’m sure your parents would be happy to oblige and make a dish for you!  Not to mention, this takes the pressure off of the “who is going to pay” dilemma.
  • A Progressive Dinner.  Warning…if you do this, you need to allow time.  But it can be a lot of fun!  Get three parents to volunteer up their homes from your group.  At one house, you will go by and eat appetizers.  At the next house, you will eat the main meal.  And at the last house, they will serve dessert!  This way the parents only have to worry about preparing one thing (appetizer, entree, or dessert) AND it gives all the parents a chance to see everyone dressed up!
  • If going with a group to a restaurant, make sure you have reservations.  Also ask the restaurant if they have a large party room available.  This way you can take up the back room with your friends and not worry if you get a little loud and carried away!  Make sure you call early though to get those kind of reservations.  There is rarely an extra fee for the room (you will probably just face a higher flat rate tip…but you’d face this with a large party in the main dining room too).  Not to mention, this would give you a chance to go down to the restaurant and put some decorations in the room to make it a bit festive!  This is a perfect way to surprise your dates when you arrive at the restaurant!
  • Another restaurant idea:: Order a bunch of different dishes and meal share!  That way you have a chance to sample a bit of everything from the menu!
  • Some local suggestions:  Sapporos, Benihana, or Mission Ranch Inn.

Photo Tips::

  • If you choose a restaurant, see if there are some amazing views there as well.  You can combine photos and dinner!  Just make sure you do photos before dinner…lipstick will be wiped away and let’s pray ranch dressing didn’t fall on the satin dress!
  • Be considerate when standing next to your friend’s long dresses.  You don’t want to accidentally step on her dress with your heel and tear it at the hem.:(
  • Get a little goofy!  Your photos don’t need to be serious!  Have some fun!

Limited Edition Prom Sessions!

Don’t forget!  Limited Edition Prom Sessions are available!  Head over to the blog post and find out how you can have your own photo shoot with your friends on prom night!!!  Rock your dress, get glammed up, and have a blast with your friends!  I’m doing one session per school…so make sure YOU are it!

Stay Fearless,




Tangles No More

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