Prom Tips:: What to Wear

Prom is just around the corner!!!  YAY!  I know…the dress, photos with your friends, dancing the night away…high school doesn’t quite seem complete with out it.

And your first burning question (after the biggest of all…who am I going with) is what should I wear?!

Where do I find the perfect dress for the perfect night?!

  •– A popular choice!  And the delightful Shelby, featured above in the blue dress, recommends it!
  • RentTheRunway– To read more about my experience with them, check out this blog post!
  • Local Boutiques- This way you can try it on in person!  A huge bonus!
  • Bloomingdales or Nordstrom- A beautiful assortment of dresses!
  • Dress Swap- Have all your friends get together with their dresses from past dances and swap dresses for the night!

What in the world do I wear after prom?

Typically, prom dresses are floor length…and while it’s fun to rock the long dress, you may want to change into something more comfortable for after the prom.  Not to mention, no one wants to ruin their dress!  Here are some suggestions:

  • Do you have an old Winter Formal gown?!  You can wear a cute short length dress so you are still festive but it’s easier to move around in…just like these!

  • Jeans and a cute top never fail…and throw in your favorite pair of converse and you’ll look adorable!  And seriously, after a night in heels, you will be so glad you brought your converse along for afterwards!

And don’t forget to coordinate your dress with your date!  The last thing you want to do is clash!

Most of all, when choosing a dress…

keep it classy and make sure you feel fabulous!


Limited Edition Prom Sessions!

Don’t forget!  Limited Edition Prom Sessions are available!  Head over to the blog post and find out how you can have your own photo shoot with your friends on prom night!!!  Rock your dress, get glammed up, and have a blast with your friends!

Be Fearless,




Queen of All Things Make-up

Oh my…are you all in for a treat or WHAT?! Meet Julissa…she is MY queen of all things makeup. She’s had the opportunity to do makeup at Fashion Week in NYC, and you will have the opportunity to work with her at your senior session!  I hope you all have a chance to meet her one day…she is the type of girl you meet and you feel like you’ve known her forever (and she get’s bonus points for being a fan of the Hunger Games series)! Her passion is makeup…and the confidence it brings a girl right in front of her eyes.

“Afterwards, they are always sitting a little straighter, chest out, eyes bright and the smile!

Forgetaboutit! They are smiling from ear to ear. Makeup can really straighten one’s emotional posture.”-Julissa

She is here to bring you some of her top makeup tips…and answer all the questions you left on my Facebook page for her! EKK!  So get cozy, because this blog post is packed full of great tips!  Let’s get to the good stuff…introducing Julissa and her AMAZING tips!

 Julissa’s Top Three Makeup Tips:

1. Have the right tools- A carpenter can’t do his job without his tools, and a gal can’t blend her shadows without her brushes.  One thing to keep in mind is that not every brush will work with every person… nobody knows the shape of your face like you do.  Your brushes are there to help you… not the other way around, just because a brush is labeled a lip brush doesn’t mean it would be a great eye shadow brush for my smaller eyed gal, so experiment with your brushes and see what works best for you. Just remember the cardinal rule- always clean your brushes.


2. Pick a foundation that matches your skin shade.  Don’t go lighter… it will give you the “floating head” appearance, especially in pictures. Most definitely don’t go darker because you want to look tanner…Umalumpas belong in Wanka Land, not wandering the streets of Monterey if you catch my drift.  Foundation is used to make our skin one solid consistent color or as close to one as possible. If you are going to a department store ask if you can wear it for 5-10 minutes to see what the color sets to before you make your purchase.  Some foundations can change a shade or two once they set or when they mix with the natural chemistry of your body.  If you want more of a sun kissed or tanned look pick up a bronzer a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone, and apply it only where the sun would naturally touch your skin; Like the top of your hairline, the tops of your cheeks, and chest.


3. More than a great wardrobe or a skilled hand with make-up, glowing skin turns heads. The key to gorgeous skin turns out to be a mix of science, common sense, overall good health habits, and a simple stick-to-it skincare regimen. The spinach smoothie is strictly optional.  So wash your face daily, eat lots of fruits and veggies (My husband got me into juicing and I can tell you my skin is glowing from the inside out, I love it!) and get 7 or more hours of sleep each night.

Top Three 2013 Spring Trends:

1. Full brows are so hot this season!  Over-tweezed brows can rob us of that youthful twinkling of the eye that a fuller brow can produce. Thinking of growing them out?  You are going to need 1-2 staple products and a little patience. But in a month or so your little arches will gain a little bulk and make your morning makeup routine a lot simpler.

2. The “off-duty” beauty look is always in trend no matter the season.  We all want fresh and glowy skin.  You would not believe what a little tinted moisturizer, concealer and light-reflecting powders can do.  This low-key makeup will let your beautiful skin and the beautiful you shine through!

Remember- makeup is to enhance our natural beauty; not mask it.

3. A bold feature- Have great cheek bones?  Contour and give them a great pop of color. Big eyes- go for a colorful liner or spend a few extra minutes applying your mascara and let your lashes steal the show.  Think your lips steal the show; put a bright pop of color on your kisser! You get the point…Makeup does not have to be a full face event every day.  Pick a feature and let the rest of your makeup be minimal.  Not only will you spice up your makeup routine, but you will come to find that you are quite the exquisite gem once you start individually highlighting the beautiful features on your face.



Julissa on TRUE BEAUTY!

One thing that I have discovered along the way is that society places such a large emphasis on beauty, but it’s superficial beauty.  At the end of the day when the makeup comes off and it is just you, staring back at the mirror how do you feel about yourself?  You should feel beautiful and unique; however TV and the media have programmed us to think we are flawed, but were not.

What they call flaws I call allure.

There is only one you and we each have something beautiful to give to this world and society.  Find something you love, be passionate about it and be a compassionate person.  True beauty is when someone is comfortable in their own skin and in love with life.

True beauty is contagious and it is in all of us waiting for its opportunity to shine.


 Your Facebook Questions Answered:

I love the way bold eye shadow looks on other women, but I can’t seem to make it look right on me! Do you have any tips on applying it correctly? -Chassie C.::  I feel you sister.  There are so many different eye shapes out there it’s crazy.  Some shapes can carry some looks better than others sorry to say; however, it does not mean you can’t wear a “version” of the look catered to your shape.  If you have a smaller eye or a hooded eye try lining the insides of your eyes in a dark of your choice color then squeeze your eyes tight so that so some of the liner smushes out to your lashes, then with a small pencil brush blend the liner so it wraps around your eye. Then with a soft fluffy brush that fits your crease apply a soft brown shadow to blend out any harsh lines.  If you don’t have a soft brown shadow, try your bronzer.


Tips for brightening up tired eyes/skin -Christie L.:: Tired eyes…tell me about it.  The skin around the eyes is the second most delicate skin on our bodies, besides the skin on our lips.  Start by washing your skin at night and applying a rich moisturizer, do the same in the morning. Use a light moisturizing concealer with a brush and only apply it to the shadowed area. Lining the inside of the water line with a soft lilac or creamy white pencil will give the illusion of a bright eyed look. Don’t forget to curl your lashes and apply some mascara to the top and bottom lashes.  As for your skin, use a facial moisturizer that has light reflecting properties before your foundation. (Try MAC Strobe Crème) These light reflecting properties do just that, they reflect light giving the illusion of a luminous perfected skin. After your foundation, apply powder only where needed as powder gives a matte un-luminous look.  Now, if you want healthy looking skin from the inside out, it’s going to take some dedication by drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods that feed the cells that make up our skin. Our skin is the last layer of cells our body is pushing outward; so, if your cells on the inside of your body are healthy and radiant your skin will follow suite.


Tips for using liquid eyeliner, please! -Jennifer C.:: Liquid liner- the epitome of chic. Liner can be a little challenging but this tip really helped me.

1. Start by dotting little dots along your eyelid as close to your lashes as possible with your liquid liner. You can start from the inside out or the outside in, it’s your preference. Try working with a compact mirror and tilt your chin slightly upward so that you can work with both eyes open.

2. Starting on whichever end of your eye you prefer, play a little game of connect the dots.  Having the dots as a guide will help you visualize the path your liner is going to follow. Once you have the liner across your eyelid, you can decide if you want to add a extra little flick at the end to create a wing and a little drama.

3. Add 2 -3 coats of mascara to make your lash line look even fuller and lush.


Tips for hiding dark eye circles!! -Jennifer M.::  Like with Christie, you want to moisturize your little peepers as well as you can and add a light reflecting crème to the shadowed area as this will attract light and brighten the area. There are lots of different products out there from over the counter to higher end products like MAC prep and prime eye brightener.  This pen has light reflecting properties as well as a pinkish tint that will lighten and neutralize the greenish blue tones we can develop under our eyes.  Stay away from putting your skin tone foundation underneath your eyes as it can add a unwanted grayish tint from the yellow in the foundation. Another trick that you can use is the distraction technique (I use this quite a bit myself).  When I don’t want people to focus in on an area of my face; for example the day I had 3 hours of sleep and my eyes looked like travel weekend bags, I did what I explained above but I went sanz eyeshadow and just beautifly primed my eyes (ie; concealer, mascara), and went for a bold bright pink shade of lipstick. That day I got oodles of compliments on that great shade of lipstick and not one person mentioned the fact that I could use a few more hours of sleep!


 Where you can contact Julissa!

Julissa…you have been AMAZING!  Thank you so much for sharing your tips and trends.  We will all be thinking of you when we try them out!  You can reach her at or find her on Facebook here! (You’ll have to sneak over to her FB page…check out the cover photo and you’ll see the mad skills she has!)

Stay Fearless…and I can’t wait for our next coffee date! xo




What if YOU won the genetic lottery?

Would you be as happy as you THINK you’d be?!  I mean come on…the genetic lottery, you could walk the runways and be a model!  OR, believe it or not, by being a supermodel, you would officially be in a club of some of the most insecure women in the world.

Meet Cameron Russell.  I just love this girl after learning more about her!  She is an Ivy League graduate.  She studied Economics and Political Science from Columbia University.  And yes, she is a Victoria’s Secret model who has also done modeling for other well-known labels like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.  And see…you just judged her, right?!  We automatically hear Victoria’s Secret model and get a preconceived notion. Don’t judge just yet…She is SO much more than a pretty face.  You have to check out her Ted Talk.  It’s amazing to see the before and after photos of her as a regular girl, on the same day as major photo shoot.  It doesn’t even look like her!  This goes to prove that the models we see in magazines are truly just a base used to construct the false reality they want to sell in the magazines.

Cameron is shedding some light into the modeling and beauty industry.  Take the time to watch the next two videos…and learn how an “image is superficial”.

“Fearless is being honest.”

-Cameron Russell

The Ted Talk is my favorite!


You can follow Cameron Russell on Twitter at @cameroncrussell

And Cameron, thank you for being so brave by speaking the honest truth about the modeling world.

Stay Fearless,





Follow-up to this post::


High school is an amazing time where you really develop some deep friendships…high school is the time in your life where you start to experience freedom, little by little, and these are the friends that are there to share that with you!  Life changes, and you all may take different paths as you venture on to college, but there is nothing on earth that can replace the true friendships you foster at this stage in your life.  NOTHING.  It’s a one-of-a-kind friendship.  So as you go through the rest of your senior year, treasure this friendship and hold it in the highest regard. xo  Enough with the mushies…let’s meet the girls and get a peek into their friendship!  Meet Sabrina, Holly, and Lindsey!

First up we have Sabrina…I can tell that once you get to know this girl, she has a pretty wicked funny sense of humor!  Holly’s favorite thing about Sabrina is her sense of humor, her taste in music and clothes, her openness to new ideas, and her driving skills.  Hmmm…I’m dying to hear about the driving skills! lol  Lindsey’s favorite things about her is her great sense of direction.

“She always helps me whenever I have a situation

or when I talk to her.

She helps point me in a good direction.”


The beautiful Sabrina…

Sabrina’s Senior Will:

I would leave Holly my basketball so she can ball it up in college with all of the hot guys that she will meet!
And Lindsey would get my cowboy boots because she knows how to dance a lot better than I do so she could put them to better use!

Sabrina’s College Plans:

I’m attending CSUMB in the fall and planning to major in kinesiology. Then I plan to get a doctorates in physical therapy!


Next up we have the amazing Holly–My best description of Holly is “carefree with KILLER hair!”  I mean seriously, look at her!  She is gorgeous!

  Lindsey’s favorite thing about Holly is her carefree nature and her ability to always have a great time!

“I love that she is always there for me when I need to talk about my day.  She doesn’t judge.”


Meet the amazing Holly…

Holly’s Senior Will:

I would leave Lindsey all my nail polish and fashion magazines, and I would leave Sabrina my iPod because she loves music!

Holly’s College Plans:

I plan on attending either Humboldt State University to study Wildlife Conservation and Management and Environmental Policy or University of Oregon to study Sports Management to become a general manager of a baseball team.


And here is the lovely Lindsey.  She is so down to earth!  Just a great all-around girl!  You may remember her from the I Love Me Campaign awhile back.  Holly’s favorite things about Lindsey are her confidence, her concern for others, her loyalty, and her smile.

“She always puts a smile on my face with her bubbly personality!”


And here is the one and only, Lindsey…

Lindsey’s Senior Will:

I would will my cheer poms to Holly to help instill confidence and poise in herself.  Holly is a great girl and needs just needs a little help to bust out of her shell a bit.  I believe that my Poms would help her feel more confident.

I would leave Sabrina my cheer uniform because I know she secretly has always wanted to wear one!  lol  I would leave her the uniform because I believe it would help her break out of her shell too and be more comfortable in herself.

Lindsey’s College Plans:

As of right now, my plan is to go to MPC for two years and earn my associate degree. After that, I plan on transferring to Mercyhurst College in Pennsylvania.

My major is going to be forensic anthropology and a double minor in archeology and criminal justice.


If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?

I would help all the kids in the orphanages that I have worked with in other countries to make their lives better. -Lindsey

I would go to the 49ers and ask for an internship. -Sabrina

What I’ll miss the most is Chopstix runs and having two people around who understand my humor and are nice enough to laugh at my jokes. -Holly



The countdown is on, girls!  Graduation is around the corner!!  So enjoy your time together and go to Chopstix just for the heck of it! 😉

Stay Fearless,

Limited 2013 PROM Sessions

Let’s get real…It’s all about the photos!

Prom is just around the corner!  And I know prom is that event that NO ONE forgets…trust me, ask your parents!  And I also know, the best part about prom is getting a killer gown, having an excuse to get glammed up with your friends, and PHOTOS to prove it!  Let’s be honest…your favorite guy is the perfect accessory, right?!  But we won’t tell him that!

Announcing…Limited 2013 PROM Sessions!

Here’s the scoop, it’s as simple as this:

  • Up to one hour of shooting time on prom night at the location of your choice…before dinner is best!
  • This is a photo shoot for you and your group of besties that you’re going to prom with (up to 4 couples). Suggestion:: have the session with just your friends and have your dates show up for the last 15 minutes.
  • Receive 25 digital images to print and plaster over your social media sites (receive both print and web versions).
  • $400

Sessions are Limited!

I will only photograph ONE group from each local high school on prom night!  So GET ON IT!  Once your school is booked, that’s a wrap!

4-Week Prom Blog Series Launches!

This blog post is the official launch of the 4-week Prom Blog Series!  Make sure to follow this blog OR Facebook page to get tips on where to find the perfect dress, how to arrange the perfect dinner, and find out some cool things to do after the prom!  And you may even see my prom photo and learn some fun facts about my senior prom!  I really can’t believe I’ll be showing you my prom picture…I better hit “publish” on that one before I have second thoughts! lol

So talk with your friends and get your prom session booked!!  I can’t wait to be a part of your special night!

Stay Fearless,




M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N