Presidential Parties

Yep, it’s that time!  President Obama VS Mitt Romney.  Every four years we have the opportunity to embrace democracy and vote for our next leader.  You may not be able to vote yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with Election Day!

I’ve been inspired by my intern, Kathrine, to host an Election Party!  It’s a fun event…it doesn’t matter who voted for who, it’s about celebrating America and democracy.  And did I mention it’s the perfect excuse to have a fun party with friends on a Tuesday?!

Party Ideas:

1. Get festive!  I saw the cutest donkey and elephant napkins at The Farm Hen, a local boutique in Pacific Grove.  They also had cute cupcake supplies as well!  If Election Day is an excuse for cupcakes, bring it on!  And if you’re having trouble finding donkey and elephant supplies, just stick with the festive flag plates!

2. BINGO!  Check out these bingo cards that are perfect for tonight’s debate…and I’m pretty positive these will still work well on election night–the media will love talking about this stuff still!  Click on the bingo card and you’ll have several cards to choose from…print them out, pass them out to friends, and enjoy a fun game of bingo!

3. Make it a costume party!  Why not?!  Dress up as donkeys, elephants, or even buy a presidential mask…I’m thinking you could get a killer deal during the after-Halloween sales!  Make it a contest!

4. It’s all about the desserts.  Well, it’s a highlight at least!  Check out some of these dessert ideas–click on the photo below for recipes!  They are super easy…and super fun to make!

(photo from Guest of a Guest)

5.  EXTRA CREDIT.  Yep, I’m telling you right now…teachers *love* to give extra credit to students that watch the debates and election night.  If your history teacher hasn’t mentioned anything yet, BRING IT UP!  Chances are, they will throw in some extra points to those students that take an active interest in the elections!  And hello, receiving extra credit while having an election party with your friends?!  What more could a smart girl ask for?!

Be Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N