Are You Pretty or Smart?

I’m convinced this is the media’s favorite question.  They rarely mix the two.  And have you ever noticed pretty is slapped on nearly every page of a magazine?!

Since I set off on my mission last year to help high school senior girls embrace their version of beautiful, I have given a lot of thought to the question: What angers me the most about the media’s message they send girls as they flip through the magazines?  Hands down, my answer came back to the media sending the message that a girl’s self-worth should be based on her looks and not her brains.  “Hey girls,” they shout, “it’s okay to shut-up and JUST look pretty!”  Crazy, right?!

But, I know better.  I know that, in the REAL world, intelligence is seriously gorgeous!


I’m a smart girl, and I have a little secret for you…One that I think every smart girl needs to know.  Being both is…well, it’s just not fair to the other girls, right?!

Fearlessly embracing your brains AND your beauty means you’ll never have to compromise either. 

You can be both.  YOU ARE BOTH.  And it’s magnetic.

On that note, I’m going to get this party started!  To all my smart girls out there, things are about to get really exciting around here!  I know how smart girls can express their true beauty, and it all begins with you embracing the total YOU.  Fearlessly.  Together, we will show the world your superpower, and empower the fearless woman you will become.

I am not just a High School Seniors Photographer…I’m a High School Seniors Photographer for SMART GIRLS.  I show smart girls how to embrace their true beauty, and I can’t wait to show YOU.

So let’s go back to the original question the media poses, are you pretty or smart?  I know my answer.  I’m not going to let them categorize me as one or the other.  Because I’m both.  And THAT girls, is BEAUTIFUL.  Smart girls, you are so much more than “just” a smart girl.  And you are so much more than “just” a pretty girl.

YOU ARE THE WHOLE PACKAGE.  Be Fearless and embrace your brains AND beauty…and, watch out world!

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Be Fearless,



M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N