Prom Tips:: What to Wear

Prom is just around the corner!!!  YAY!  I know…the dress, photos with your friends, dancing the night away…high school doesn’t quite seem complete with out it.

And your first burning question (after the biggest of all…who am I going with) is what should I wear?!

Where do I find the perfect dress for the perfect night?!

  •– A popular choice!  And the delightful Shelby, featured above in the blue dress, recommends it!
  • RentTheRunway– To read more about my experience with them, check out this blog post!
  • Local Boutiques- This way you can try it on in person!  A huge bonus!
  • Bloomingdales or Nordstrom- A beautiful assortment of dresses!
  • Dress Swap- Have all your friends get together with their dresses from past dances and swap dresses for the night!

What in the world do I wear after prom?

Typically, prom dresses are floor length…and while it’s fun to rock the long dress, you may want to change into something more comfortable for after the prom.  Not to mention, no one wants to ruin their dress!  Here are some suggestions:

  • Do you have an old Winter Formal gown?!  You can wear a cute short length dress so you are still festive but it’s easier to move around in…just like these!

  • Jeans and a cute top never fail…and throw in your favorite pair of converse and you’ll look adorable!  And seriously, after a night in heels, you will be so glad you brought your converse along for afterwards!

And don’t forget to coordinate your dress with your date!  The last thing you want to do is clash!

Most of all, when choosing a dress…

keep it classy and make sure you feel fabulous!


Limited Edition Prom Sessions!

Don’t forget!  Limited Edition Prom Sessions are available!  Head over to the blog post and find out how you can have your own photo shoot with your friends on prom night!!!  Rock your dress, get glammed up, and have a blast with your friends!

Be Fearless,




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